Why I Always Carry A Book

My night went much as I expected my fellow Geeklings. I made a pit stop at my mother’s house as I had Amazon packages waiting to be picked up (helloooooo Mouse Rat t-shirt and new Pop Vinyls) and then it was home for inside pants and some television watching. Much like I expected I only got through one episode of Daredevil (although come hell or high water I’m watching at least two tonight), and the debate between reading and John Oliver proved to be to exhausting so I just went to bed.

As I had mentioned the moon was full last night, and when that happens Hudson the Cat kind of loses his mind. Sometimes he waits a couple of days but it’ll happen within a three day span of the full moon. It’s like some kind of weird anti-werewolf type thing. As I fell asleep around 11:30 last night I was woken up in the middle of the night by a crazy animal running around my apartment, scratching at walls, and meowing as if his tail was on fire. I was having one of those deep sleeps and woke up feeling kind of rested, and assumed it was the middle of the night. Not bad considering the full moon. As I got up to go to the Whiz Palace my eyes adjusted and looked at the time. 12:04. I had been asleep for a little more then a half hour. Needless to say I was a bit pissed.

IMG_1737I tried to trick Hudson the Cat on to the bed to calm down but he was having none of it, and after a couple of attempts at sleeping I had reached a breaking point. I got out of bed in pursuit of my cat and found him hanging out near the coffee table measuring me up, wondering what my next move was going to be. I had already tried cursing and pretending to chase him, but he knew those were empty threats. In the past I’ve been able to corner him, my furry friend, the little creature that greets me at the door every night when I get home from work, my buddy who lays down and watches TV with me, and I put my hand on him and nudge him on his side. There we lock eyes as I keep my hand on his side so he knows we’re about to have a serious talk. And finally after a couple of minutes of silence I’ll say, “I swear to God if you don’t knock this off we’re going to fight! Like a straight up fist fight. You versus me. And I promise you, you will lose. You will lose.”, at which point either he’ll continue to be a dick and I’ll lock him out of the bedroom or calm down and fall asleep. (Author’s Note: I would never actually have a fist fight with my cat. That is beyond cruel, and a part of me isn’t so sure I could win.)

Last night was a little different though. I tipped him over on his side and maintained eye contact so he knew we were about to have a talk. Human to cat. And then begged him to please knock it off because I was too tired to do this tonight. A grown man who out weighs this animal by a lot, pleaded for quiet and sanity. Amazing things happen in my apartment. Long story short, the talk was a success and I was able to fall asleep and get some rest.

Although this wasn’t without consequence as I woke up late for work. I had that “I’m too tired to function” feeling, and quickly showered and dressed, and stepped right into grid lock traffic. My morning commute should be fifteen minutes but today it took over an hour. And the most wonderful thing happened while I was waiting for my car to go negative two miles per hour. I was able to read. Granted I felt a little paranoid and worried about hitting the guy in front of me, but considering there were forest animals moving further along then me, I wasn’t overly concerned.

Which brings me to today’s lesson. Always carry a book or reading material with you at all times. I know some of you might not be readers (although you’re reading this so look who might actually be a reader) but I’m telling you it comes in handy. Since I’m constantly reading (yup that’s a brag) I bring my book everywhere because you just never know when something like this is going to go down. I was unable to stream my ESPN radio this morning and while listening to a Pearl Jam playlist was all types of fun, the opening of my book and reading some pages helped relax and acclimate me into the morning.

I know this post was a long way to get here, but I just want to tell you to make sure to bring reading material whenever you leave the house. You may think I’m crazy but one day something will come along where you think to yourself, “I’m glad I read that long post about the cat acting up because it told me to always bring a book with me where ever I go. Thank you crazy cat lady. Where ever you are.”

You’re welcome!

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