A Most Inconvenient Sunday

Geeklings!! I have been waiting for this day all week. Which is weird when you think about how we’ve been kind of conditioned to hate Sunday. It represents the end of the weekend and work looming on the horizon, but I’m willing to look past all of that because today my friends…today is going to be a geektastic day! And it’s that geektasticness that brings in a tremendous amount of inconvenience.

For most of you today is the season finale of the Walking Dead, and that alone is something to be excited about. As a matter of fact it’s the thing I’m most excited about. It’s strange two years ago I was ready to write off this show. I felt that it was all over the place and just dragging stories out. Granted there has been a ton of turn over with show runners but the show was falling flat to me. But now we’ve had the same show runners for two years and it’s paying dividends on the product. Hunkering down and becoming more loyal to the comics hasn’t hurt either, but the last two seasons have been the best Walking Dead since season two. You know, when Shane was there.

Tonight has all the makings for a watershed moment for the show. I feel that every great television show needs a moment. Something bigger than shock value though. If you’re going to have a great show you’re going to have to provide a moment that will stick out in television history. Think about all the great shows you’ve ever watched. Think about the moments that define them.Some spoilers ahead. Lost, one could argue it’s the discovery of the Hatch or that whole opening sequence. Breaking Bad almost has too many to list but think about Walt watching Jane die or the outcome with Gus. Game of Thrones has the Red Wedding and Ned Stark and a few others. This is just to name a few but if you want a show negan-the-walking-deadthat is going to stand the test of time you need to provide that moment. If done correctly tonight will be that moment for the Walking Dead, and I can’t help but feel this giddy, sickening, anticipation for it. I’ve read the comics so I know what happens (to a degree) but I also read A Storm of Swords and knew about the Red Wedding. Knowing and watching are two entirely different things.

The arrival of Negan should be all types of awesome/terrible and I can’t wait for the interwebs to kind of explode when he steps on screen. But I won’t be experiencing that live. No. Not me. Because Geeklings I will be at my friends house watching Wrestlemania. I only say this with a smidge of bitterness.

You see Geeklings, as I’ve touched upon before, wrestling has been some what of a constant in my life. There was a period where I stopped watching but it somehow managed to pull me back in for better or worse. For me it’s more than watching a bunch of sweaty guys in tights pretending to hit each other (although that’s part of it…sort of). Wrestling has helped forge some of the greatest friendships in my life. There were countless Sunday nights where myself and friends would get together and watch a wrestling ppv and create bonds that have lasted over twenty years. Think about that. Over twenty years of friendship that in a lot of way began with watching wrestling. That’s crazy. But I think being able to be open with each other and admit that you share a mutual love for something so ridiculous helps kick in a few doors, don’t you think?


While the Wrestlemania card itself seems a little lack luster it doesn’t matter. Tonight we’re getting the band back together and a group of us who grew up watching wrestling will be present. It’ll have this extreme nostalgic familiar feel, and there will be kids there too so it’s almost generational now. Passing this ridiculous passion on to them and seeing their reactions is great fun. Makes me think about how twenty something years ago we were just a bunch of goons who thought we could go to wrestling school and become the next Stone Cold. Considering how much we practiced without an actual ring (pools became very dangerous) there was little doubt that we could pull it off.

So having to figure out what to watch tonight doesn’t even become a contest. Yes, I would love to watch the Walking Dead live as it airs. Yes I would love not having to avoid the interwebs from 9:00 to 12:30 (when I actually finish watching), but I’ll be with my friends doing something that has helped define our friendship. How do you pass that opportunity up? Plus we’ll be able to bitch about how crappy the product is and there is nothing better then putting a bunch of angry wrestling fans in a room together.

calvin-and-hobbes-duplicatorA part of me wishes that I could experience both things simultaneously and take something straight out of the pages of Calvin & Hobbes, and clone myself. But the technology isn’t there yet. One day. Although if I’m being honest I’m pushing for teleportation to become real before cloning. Just think about it. The ability to just appear places in the amount of time it takes you to snap your fingers. That’s the dream people. That’s. The. Dream.

I guess what I’m getting at is my geek plate is rather full tonight and I’ll be up till one o’clock in the morning spending time with the people I love and watching a show about zombies as it cripples me emotionally. As a matter of fact I’m thinking about doing a recording of my reaction to the big parts of the episode and posting it here tomorrow with My Week In Geek. If you’ve never watched a reaction video go on YouTube and type in peoples reactions to the Red Wedding or other major TV moments. You will not be disappointed.

I hope, Geeklings, that whatever you choose to tonight is exactly what you want to be doing. Cause at the end of the day aren’t we supposed to be doing what makes us happy? Go be happy. Whether it’s dudes in tights beating each other up or a world filled with zombies or some other thing that I haven’t discussed. Do you. Just don’t spoil the Walking Dead for me or I will find you.


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