Week In Geek 4/4/16

I did it. I survived my super geeky Sunday night and was able to get everything in. Wrestlemania? Check. Walking Dead? Check. And I even went to bed when I predicted (1:30) because I had to talk myself out of watching the Talking Dead. I’m off tomorrow so I can watch it then.

But surviving hasn’t been the only thing to come out of Sunday. There has been a lot of processing too. As a matter of fact I’ve been thinking about last nights Walking Dead pretty much all day, and I think that’s a testament to a good episode or at least an impactful one. But I don’t want to say too much here because today is the Week In Geek and we’ve got a whole bunch of awesome things to break down. So strap in folks cause here we go…

04-jeffrey-dean-morgan-negan.w529.h3521. Negan– I’ve been waiting all season for his appearance and how it would change the dynamic of the show, and I have to say that it did not disappoint. There was a lot of hype coming into last night and the Walking Dead delivered a character entrance that was almost verbatim out of the comics. In fact I saw a video on YouTube earlier that just used Negan’s speech and matched it with the comics, and minus a few F-bombs, it was right on the money. As soon as Jeffery Dean Morgan appeared on screen he demanded your attention and it was a lot of fun (for me) to watch him bring this character to life so effortlessly. After the way the Governor was portrayed I was a little worried that they would screw up Negan, but I’m feeling fairly confident that they have a good grasp on him. Morgan was chilling, cool, calm, and authorative all at once, and outside the cliffhanger ending, totally killed it last night. I’d go so far as to say it’s the best ten minutes of the Walking Dead period.

The-walking-dead-125-cover-9002. Walking Dead vol. 25- So now that the Walking Dead is off the air until October leaving you alone, hollow, and broken, what do you turn to? Well why not the source material? The 25th volume of the Walking Dead comes out tomorrow and it’s a great way to fill that zombie earth void. For some reason I stayed with the trade paperbacks when it came to the Walking Dead and never switched over to the monthly issues. Which means I have to wait six months or so for my books to be published. Most of the time it’s worth the wait but I have a tough time making it last. If a new volume of the Walking Dead last me three days I count it as a success. Vol. 25 contains issue #150 and picks up right where vol. 24 left off (makes sense doesn’t it?) with the war with the Whisperers escalating. Who are the Whisperers? They are this group of people who wear the skin of zombies to wonder the earth and infiltrate other groups (yeah you read that right), and they made a pretty horrific statement at the end of last volume. Looking forward to seeing how things progress.

N1MnSdrL6m3. Monday Night Raw– The Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania is hands down the best Monday night of wrestling all year. Not necessarily from a wrestling/story line perspective, although this show is used to start the new story lines for the upcoming year, but from a crowd perspective. The crowds at the post Wrestlemania shows have been phenomenal and are worth the price of admission. Their chants and behavior hijack the show and make it a spectacle while also voicing some of the large problems with the product. In some cases I’m usually more excited for the Raw after Wrestlemania then Wrestlemania itself. And while last nights event was sub par at best, I’m willing to believe that this crowd will be very loud and very snarky.

71kliP+CIfL._SX342_4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu Ray– I’m not really sure what else I have to say here. As of tomorrow I can watch The Force Awakens any damn time I want. Move over Marvel movies cause this baby is going to be in pretty heavy rotation.

portrait_incredible5. Spider-Man #3- It feels like forever since the last issue of Spider-Man was released and I have missed Miles Morales. While two issues isn’t a lot to hold as a  basis, I have been enjoying his transition into the main Marvel U,  and this issue is going to have Ms. Marvel in it!! Ms. Marvel!! I heart her. As a nerdy fanboy I totally want these two to get together and become some sort of power super hero couple. I’ll also take close friends who often get into fun adventures too. Maybe a Ms. Marvel and Miles spinoff book? Unlikely since they’re already Avengers, but one can dream.

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