My Game of Thrones Sunday


Hello Geeklings! I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get a post up today (and also how I didn’t post yesterday). Not entirely sure what happened yesterday if I’m being honest. I woke up earlyish to write my review for the latest episode of Orphan Black over at Fan Fest, cleaned my apartment, went for a walk, and then ran out of time before work to write something up. I could have easily written something after work but I decided to go out and be social instead. My apologies as I’m sure you all missed me greatly.

This leads us to today, Game of Thrones Sunday, and what a Game of Thrones said I had. I was in dire (like a wolf… see what I did there?) need to get some laundry done and considering that Hudson the Cat yaked on my comforter last night, I now had additional laundry to do. I packed my dirty clothes and comforter and headed over to my mother’s house where I talked to her into watching season one of Game of Thrones while my clothes got clean. It really wasn’t much of a talking as I said “we’re watching this I’m excited” and that’s what went down. I’ve always believed that she would be a fan of the show she just needs to be jump started. And I, much like Jamie Lanniester, was willing to give her the push she needed (too soon?). We got three or four episodes in and I think she’s interested. The seeds of Westeros have been planted and I fully expect to get a text at some point this week asking about it. Victory is mine!

Upon finishing my laundry I returned to my now clean apartment with full intentions of watching the last three episodes of last season. I fast forwarded to the last half hour of “Hardhome” (which I have watched more times then I can remember at this point) and then promptly fell asleep. Well, it was more like passed out. I woke up a couple of times to various different scenes (one in which involved a character burning to death… I was super displeased with that), but by the time I had woken up for good I had run out of time to re-watch.

design_52_1_36I did have time before the premier to turn to Shirt Punch and order their Game of Thrones bundle for the day. Honestly it was quite the steal. I get a badass Star Wars inspired Game of Thrones shirt, two action figures, and a Game of Thrones mini blind box all for twenty bucks! Since I was recently thinking that I could use more Game of Thrones apparel this was a no brainer.

Finally the episode itself. I don’t want to get into spoilers as I know some people have yet to watch but I will say I think it’s the most complete season premier of the show yet. While I’m still apprehensive to accept the show existing without a new book I have to say that there was something refreshing about this new season. The show felt re-energized and like it was building up to it’s conclusion. I know that there will be at least two more seasons before Game of Thrones wraps, but tonight’s episode was the first time that I felt that there was a finish line. What’s going to happen when we get there? I haven’t a clue. But if the rest of the season is going to be like tonight’s episode I’m all in.

There you have it Geeklings. My day in a nutshell really. I’ll be back tomorrow with the Week In Geek as we being a new week of geeky goodness.

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