Week In Geek 5/16/16

Brand new week means brand new post which means brand new Week In Geek. Oh the excitement is almost to much to handle. There are a number of things to be excited about this week (well according to this list only five, but make your own list and make it as long as you want. You can even share here in the comments) so let’s quit with the back and forth and break it down.

civil-war-II-cover-96a7e1. Civil War II #0– It’s strange that this event is getting not one but two issues with the #0 title. The Free Comic Book Day issue also wore this number and was pretty good “wet your appetite” comic. With Civil War II officially starting this week it’ll be time to see who sides where, who our casualties are, and if this event can live up to the original. Chances are no as I’m not entirely sure the series needed a sequel. You can call this event whatever you want but using the term Civil War worries me. One, it seems like an attempt to grab on to the movie (and if you were Marvel why wouldn’t you?). Two, and this is the one that’s really important, Civil War was a pretty fantastic event when it came out years ago and I hold in a special place. I wonder if it never comes out if I get into comics the same way? Luckily we’ll never have to know because it did come out and I have since become a massive comic junkie. Here’s hoping that II can have it’s own voice and bring something new to the table while celebrating everything that made the first Civil War tremendous. Plus I’d really like to see these younger heroes like Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, and Nova get some serious time to shine. Maybe even have this be a passing of the torch in some way? I don’t know. All I do know is despite the nervousness I’m all types of excited for this.

2. Mr. Robot season 2 trailer- After a couple of weeks of vague teasers we finally get our first real view of the second season of Mr. Robot and if any of you were worried that the trippy/paranoia of the first season was going to go away fear not as it looks quite present. I wish I had watched Mr.Robot as it came out because it easily would have made my best of 2015 list but I won’t make that same mistake with season two. I don’t want to spoil the show because it really is something to behold, but it’s one of those that needs to be on your watch list. The conspiracy theories mixed with Elliot’s constant paranoia and excellent story telling really make it easy to get lost in this world. Plus it’s more than relateable to current social/economical/political atmospheres. Do yourself a favor, as the show lives on demand, give it a viewing before July and get yourself ready. Mr. Robot is one of those shows that feels like it should be on HBO. Why not celebrate the fact you get it for free on USA.

the-fireman3. The Fireman by Joe Hill– Now that I’ve finished the great re-reading of Harry Potter it’s on to other books. Honestly it’s one of those bittersweet feelings as I wish I could just open up book one again, right now, and start the journey again. Not entirely sure if it’s really hit me that I’m done with the series but I do feel a bit of a void. After I finish reading part three of the Green Mile I’ll be jumping into Joe Hill’s newest book (which comes out tomorrow people). Joe Hill has a lot of similarities to his father (Stephen King) but still is able to maintain his own voice. I stand by the fact that Horns is one of the best reads I’ve had in the last few years. That book is incredible and worth re-visiting at some point. Until then why not look forward to Hill’s newest book about a virus that makes people burst into flames. How could that go wrong?

635774211869886297-Preacher-AMC4. Preacher– AMC newest show, based on the cult comic series, premieres Sunday and it’s got my interest for a number of reasons. The first being that I’ll be handling the reviews over at Fan Fest (shameless self plug). Being able to nab a show that should gather a lot of viewings is exciting and it will mark the third show I cover over at Fan Fest. I haven’t tried reading the comic yet, I wanted to but ran out of time, but I think it’ll give me a unique perspective and I can just appreciate it as a TV show and not worry about the source material. Yes that sentence made me feel dirty inside. I have faith in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to deliver something dark, devilsih (see what I did there), and unique. At the very least it gives me something else to look forward to on Sunday nights. Added bonus it airs after Game of Thrones Huzzah!

tom-holland-s-spider-man-finally-makes-his-lego-and-funko-pop-debut-9762795. Civil War pop vinyl set- I need this in my life. Spider-Man is holding Cap’s shield. That is all.


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