It’s Friday, Friday lyrics lyrics lyrics

We made it to another Friday fellow Geeklings. Is it me or has this been a long week? I’m one of those people who loves a three day weekend but dreads a four day work week (except I’m working tomorrow morning so I guess it’s actually a five day work week for me). Hear me out, because in no way am I trying to talk trash about the three day weekend, but four day work weeks have everything compounded into them to the point where it’s just as much work if not more come Friday. Just a theory I’m working on.

I started a new book today which was both exciting and bittersweet, having just finished The Fireman last night. I fell in love with that book hard. Like forever hard. And I miss it incredibly. I started the Knife of Never Letting Go today, and I figured it would be a quick read before next week when End of Watch by Stephen King comes out. Huzzah, new Stephen King book day. The voice is already different and there’s a talking dog (which I wasn’t expecting) but I could get into it I think. But as far as a quick read I’m not sure as this thing clocks in at close to five hundred pages. As long as I’m reading End of Watch by next Thursday I’ll be happy.

Not a whole lot to talk about today so I thought I’d leave you guys with a video to celebrate the end of another work week. There’s a chance that I won’t be posting tomorrow as my sister, Jen, and her husband, Paul, are having an adoption fund raiser (if you would like to make a doniation you can do so here). Looking very much forward to that. Hopefully I have time to post before hand but if not enjoy this video of a cat singing the Game of Thrones theme. Life is good.

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