Morning Commute Feels


My morning commute goes one or two ways. Way 1, which is the most common, I get in my car sit in traffic and listen to Mike and Mike In the Morning. It allows me to catch up on sporting news and get a couple of cheap laughs. Now this way of traveling slows down a bit during the summer because the guys end up taking vacations and some of the guest hosts are a bag of “meh”, but right as football season starts to kick back up I’m right back at it. This opens the door to Way 2, which is sitting in traffic (seeing a shared thread here?) and putting my ipod on shuffle. Usually I let it bounce around filling my earholes with random song selections, but there are some mornings where it inspires me to listen to particular albums. Most recently Ready To Die which I have found not to be the best choice of music during seven o’clock traffic. But my rap game is too strong to be contained Geeklings.

This morning I chose Way 2…

I was not ready. I can’t remember the songs that played first but eventually my ipod made it’s way to some instrumental music. I have tons of musical scores on my ipod. I find they’re great to read to and also make for fun travel companions when driving through the rain. There’s something epic about them. If you need to experiment, listen to the Glory soundtrack when driving and come back and try and tell me that you didn’t want to drive forever! Side Note: I will not be held accountable if you drive anyone off of the road while listening. That’s on you.

As I was staring out my window watching traffic crawl, some familiar strings came out of the speakers, and my ears perked up. I’m not sure if this is something that they actually do but I’m trying to give you guys a full visual. You’re welcome.

As I was saying there were familiar strings dancing on my ears and I quickly realized that these strings belonged to LOST. I stand by the fact that LOST has the best score of any television show that has ever existed. I would even go so far to say that it’s some of the best instrumental music I’ve ever heard. Landing Party could very well be the most beautiful piece of music ever. Gets me in the heart every time.

Which is what happened this morning. I was zoned in, focused on the day ahead, riding my morning walk/comic book reading high, and was thus left sitting in my car unassuming as the music of LOST washed over me. With all of the feels. All. Of. Them.

Catching me unawares helped bring me back to the show, and the character moments (for those wondering the song was Moving On which encompasses just about every LOST theme ever and plays during the very ending of the series) and the sound of the strings and piano were just too much, and I felt it coming. Those chills that start in the spine that work their way up to your eyes, and the next thing you know you’re sitting in traffic, listening to a television soundtrack, and choked up like a twelve year old.

While I may have a problem when it comes to things that “choke me up” there has always been something real about the emotions I feel when listening to the music of LOST. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me, and I’m sure that it won’t be the last either. There’s so much emotion and heart and sorrow packed into those instrumentals and even if I separated them from the show, I’m sure they would still have some kind of emotional toll on me. They’re too pretty not to.

I’m not entirely sure what the ending here is. I listened to the song (twice), got misty eyed, and sat through the rest of traffic thinking it might be time to start re-watching LOST. It’s been about three years since the last great re-watching. I think I’m due. And if you thought the music made me act like a baby then you should see me during the show. It’s brutal…

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