Week In Geek 6/20/16

Ooooooooooooooooooooh Geeklings it’s Monday and you know what that means. Week. In. Geek. How could it mean anything else? Well I suppose it could mean the start of the work week or the night Monday Night Raw is on… but not here at I Am Geek.

game+of+thrones+battle+wun+wun+wide+shot1. Game of Thrones “Battle of the Bastards”- That episode was everything it had to be and more. I’ve made no secret in my declaration of love for this season of Game of Thrones but “Battle of the Bastards” was on a whole different level. I want to get into specifics but I know we’re only a day removed from it airing and there are still some of you out there who haven’t seen it (uggggggggh, why?!?!). All I’ll say is that this episode has confirmed why Jon Snow has been my favorite character, provided an epic Braveheart style battle, with an ending that was beyond satisfying. With only one episode to go before this season ends, I keep waiting for the floor to drop out from under us, but until then we have this episode to look back on. Fantastic on so many different levels.

2. Green Arrow Rebirth comic- I have a confession. I have never read a Green Arrow comic before. My boss wanted that to change with the reading of the Long Bow Hunter (it’s on my summer list), but up until Rebirth Oliver Queen had just been a character I’ve followed on my television screen. Well that’s now a thing of a past as I have now read two issues of Green Arrow, and let me say it has been awesome. I’ve read reviews of the book prior to Rebirth and they seem to have been met with mixed reviews. This new book though has been firing on all cylinders (like most of the Rebirth books) and I’m in. The art is stellar and the story is dark and compelling. I really shouldn’t be subscribing to more comics buuuuuuuut if the quality of Rebirth keeps up I’ll be powerless.

3. Season 3 The Flash premier, “Flashpoint”– It is no longer a rumor. The first episode of season three of The Flash is titled “Flashpoint”, and I’m all types of excited. Flashpoint was one of DC’s great animated projects (they actually kind of own that department), and I recently finished reading the series (thank you comixology!). While the CW doesn’t have the use of characters like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Batman, who are so crucial to the Flashpoint story line, it has created this vast universe where there are tons of possibilities. For example, who wants to bet that this new Flashpoint universe has Oliver’s father as the Green Arrow? That takes care of the lack of Batman problem. I also suspect that Flashpoint story line to help bring Supergirl into the CW universe. Just head thoughts.

4. Books, Books, Books- I can not get enough reading done this year. I’m currently on book sixteen (yes I’m bragging), End of Watch, which has been highly enjoyable. It’s come to the point where I’ve already mapped out my next four books. What? Well once End of Watch is finished then it’s on to the sequel of The Knife of Never Letting Go which means the following book will be the conclusion of that trilogy. Once that’s done it’s on to the reading of A Feast of Crowes and A Dance of Dragons at the same time. The interwebs says there’s a way and I’m hoping that it makes Crowes a better book. See the plan is to have all of those done in time for the release of the next Harry Potter book…play. Good thing I’m on vacation next week. Nothing but reading and sun for this guy. Boom!

5. Archer season six– I’ve got two episodes left. I would have been finished if I hadn’t fallen asleep the other night. I know, I know but sometimes I get tired Geeklings. Any way I really enjoy Archer on so many different levels. I’m actually pretty annoyed that I didn’t DVR season seven and now have to wait (again) for it to be released on Netflix. I have no one to blame but myself.

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