I Am Geek Quarantine What To Do List- Books

Whether you call it social distancing, quarantine, or being an introvert the end result is the same, we’re spending a lot of time indoors away from people lately. It is a massive change of lifestyle for all of us, maybe not the introverts, and it’s making some of us a bit stir crazy. As things out in the world get more and more hectic we’re … Continue reading I Am Geek Quarantine What To Do List- Books

Week In Geek 6/20/16

Ooooooooooooooooooooh Geeklings it’s Monday and you know what that means. Week. In. Geek. How could it mean anything else? Well I suppose it could mean the start of the work week or the night Monday Night Raw is on… but not here at I Am Geek. 1. Game of Thrones “Battle of the Bastards”- That episode was everything it had to be and more. I’ve made no secret in my declaration of … Continue reading Week In Geek 6/20/16

Balloons In the Dinning Room

I figured with today being new Stephen King book day why not try and dedicate another day to Uncle Stevie, here at I Am Geek. While I’m still putting my time in with The Knife of Never Letting Go, a book that was supposed to be a placeholder that I’m actually really enjoying, it looks like End of Watch won’t be started to this weekend or early next week. I’m … Continue reading Balloons In the Dinning Room