When Your Life Changes

sushi taco

Last Saturday started like any other Saturday for me. I woke up (which is always a good start to any day), went to the beach where I proceeded to get a sunburn (which is a new development as I get older. It hardly ever used to happen), sat poolside at my Mom’s place, and then went to work. Nothing earth shattering just a really good day with a lot of sun and a good book. Peaceful.

Whilst at work, we found ourselves at a local Chinese food joint for dinner. I’ve been there hundreds of times before and was already contemplating the sushi I was going to order. There is one thing that you need to know about me Geeklings, my love for sushi knows no bounds. If you keep putting it in front of me, I’m going to keep eating it. Sushi is in the top three food choices for this guy. Always. When you hear stories about people eating themselves to death you can’t help but think that’s insane. Who could do that to themselves? Then you think of sushi and you sort of get it. Makes sense.

While checking out the menu my life changed. It all happened in an instant. Like most people when their lives change there is this feeling of being unprepared. That this monumental moment kind of comes out of left field and you’re left feeling like your pants just fell down in a crowd of people. Obviously there’s that stunned feeling but also the hope that you chose a good pair of draws to wear. What? No one wants their pants to fall down when it’s desperation underwear time. You know what desperation underwear is. Those pairs you save for the bitter end. Right before it’s laundry day. We all have them and we always save them for last. In the hopes that you won’t have to wear them this clothes cycle… but we always do, don’t we? Life is cruel that way.

Back to my life changing in the Chinese restaurant. While trying to figure out what rolls I was going to be rolling with (I was going to make a Limp Bizkit joke here but decided not to purge my soul like that) something caught my eye. A two word combination that made me short of breath and slightly dizzy as there was no way for this to be true. My mind tried to convince me that I had imagined the two words, that the world could not be this giving. I blinked and tried to shake off the dizziness that was wrapped in hope so wide I thought it would swallow me whole. I looked again, and the words were still there…

Sushi Taco.

Sushi. Taco. As a thing. A real thing. A real thing that I could eat. A real thing that I could eat that exact moment. I could order it. People would bring it to me (because it’s real!) and I would eat it. Me. Kevin. Could eat a sushi taco. My life has not been the same since.

Think of it. This restaurant has combined two of my favorite foods. Two of the top three at least. Sushi taco. A taco with sushi in it. Yes it’s as amazing as you think it is, and yes the entire time I was eating it I was looking around for someone to come by and take my plate away while saying “just kidding”. But no one did Geeklings. No one came. And I nommed the shit out of those tacos. As a a matter of fact it’s taking everything in my being right now not to go get more of them.

See that’s the real problem isn’t it? Discovering something as magical as a sushi taco, it’s like waking up and seeing a unicorn in your backyard. You’ve heard of how majestic and beautiful they are, but you never thought you’d actual get to see one. Yet here you are. In your underwear (lots of underwear references today…sorry) staring out your back window at the freakin’ unicorn eating your plants. The sushi taco is the unicorn of food. Up until Saturday I wasn’t even aware that it was a thing. I never even imagined it could be. Now it’s real and literally seven minutes down the road from me, and every day I need to show self restraint. Every day I have to say no you will not eat the sushi taco today. Not because I don’t want it Geeklings but because I do. I want it all the time. But in order to keep something as sacred and special as the sushi taco one must show restraint. And I’m trying… I’m trying.

Saturday was just another Saturday and just like that… life changes. And we say thank you big big.

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