Week In Geek 6/27/16

This Week In Geek is brought to you by the word “vacation” because vacation is awesome and I’m on it. What what!

game of thrones1. Game of Thrones “Winds of Winter”- No, not the book. Never the book. It’s never going to come is it? Sigh. What I am talking about is last nights Game of Thrones season finale and what an episode that was. I’m already planning how many times I’m going to watch it during vacation, and I fear that it could be a scary number. I won’t get into episode specifics, yet, but when it was over I had a very clear story high. If there is one thing that reaches my inner core it’s fantastic story telling (it doesn’t matter the medium), and last night’s Game of Thrones was masterful. From the opening all the way to the final shot it was everything it should have been, and more. Satisfying, heart breaking, with tremendous character moments that set the board for the final two seasons. This story appears to have an ending (whether George RR Martin ever gets there or not) and we are all witness to what comes next. After the episode finished I was trying to think if there’s a better show on television, right now, and I struggled to find one. I thought last years Emmy win was a bit generous and surprising, but this year I’ll be surprised if the show doesn’t win it.

2. The Light of the Seven by Ramin Djawadi- This theme played during the opening twenty minutes of Game of Thrones and it’s beautiful and masterful in it’s story telling. I’ve been listening to it pretty much all day and now I think you should too. Do it.


3. Spider-Man #5- It seems like it’s been forever since the last Miles Morales Spider-Man book was released so it’s a bout time we get ourselves a new issue. Miles has had a very limited role in Civil War II thus far (and by very limited I mean pretty much not at all), and I’m looking forward to see him take center stage in his own book. One has to believe that with Bendis writing Civil War II, that at some point Miles is going to get a pretty big moment to shine but in the meantime we have issue five to look forward to.

4. New York City Comic Con Tickets- NYC Comic Con tickets go on sale this week. Happiest of happy days! I’ve been patiently waiting for this announcement since the registration period concluded. Considering how terrible it was trying to get tickets last year I am looking forward to the new revamped features to make it easier for fans to get their tickets. Plus the sales date falls during my vacation so I don’t have to call out sick from work to try and order them (hahahaha I’m kidding any one from work who is reading this… I wasn’t kidding. I totally would have done that).


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