“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Clearly you must be mistaken Kevin. You’ve stopped writing on the weekends and today is Sunday. Shouldn’t you be busy ignoring us and carrying on with your life?”

I guess I kind of deserve that. My post frequency has diminished a bit since the summer started (you think) but it doesn’t mean I love you guys any less. I’ve just been finding it harder to write on the weekends as I’m trying to soak up as much sun as I possibly can. I’m not making excuses just trying to explain. I’m constantly thinking about the site and posting but sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. But I made sure to make time today. Doesn’t that get me any points?

I was going to write about the recent Emmy nominations but I decided to save that for Tuesday. Today I wanted to check in with you guys. How are you Geeklings? I feel that this site needs more of your voices opposed to me just blabbing and blabbing about things. I said from the start that I wanted to build a sense of community and I want to make good on that promise.

I Am Geek currently sits at twenty-four followers, and while that may not seem like a large number it’s super exciting to me. I started this little blog back in December with the hopes that my friends on Faceyspace would pop in and read what I’ve got to see, and maybe get a bunch of followers on the Faceyspace site page (which you could join here). Twenty-four people mean that there’s an audience and I think that’s super cool. Currently there are twenty-four of you who follow this page because you’re interested in the content and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you big big. Now I know there are those of you who read the site but aren’t followers and I’d like to extend my thanks to you too (but you should seriously subscribe to boost my ego… I’ll wait). Overall I feel like we’ve got something good brewing here.

I wanted to kind of Town Hall this post and see what you guys want to hear. I’m still exploring the idea of a podcast and I would like to maybe work in some video posts and more guest writers. We’re building an empire here one step at a time. But in order to build that empire I want to know what you guys are interested in. What are you watching/reading? What is the geekiest thing you do or want to do? Let’s research it together. Hell, I’ll give anything a try once and report back. I’m always open to new geeky obsessions.

In short I just wanted to say thanks. I love this little site of mine and you guys make it easier for me to come back to it every day knowing that you want to read it’s content. I’ll also try and get better with the weekend writing. The sun isn’t up all day so I can put a little chunk of time aside to pop in and talk about stuff. Although I have to add my tan is looking niiiiice.

The comments are yours Geeklings! Let loose with any ideas for the site or subjects you’d like to see me cover. Don’t be shy. I’ll see you all tomorrow for our Week In Geek and prepare yourselves because there’s a lot to be covered!

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