Please Find Me This Calvin & Hobbes Strip

calvin and hobbes

It looks like my Emmy post is going to have to wait one more day as I’m using today to make a very special request from you Geeklings.

All my life I’ve been a Calvin & Hobbes fan but haven’t really appreciated the comic strip until I got older. Suddenly all the jokes made more sense and the philosophy completely resonated with me. Calvin & Hobbes is more than just a story about a boy and his imaginary tiger, but more about life, love, friendship, society, and imagination. I remember my Dad taking me to the comic book store in town (when we had one) to pick up a new book or buying a new one when the book fair came to school. Calvin & Hobbes were some of my best friends, and one thing I always remember clearly when I think about reading them, is the smell of the books. Calvin & Hobbes books had a specific smell that has stuck with me all through life. Don’t know how else to explain it. Outside of that I’ve always felt that it was a tremendous gift reading this comic as a kid and an even better reward reading those same strips now with more life underneath my belt. I feel that we all grow up with Calvin & Hobbes and take what we need out of it when we need it. As a kid it was the imagination and stories about a boy and his tiger friend, and as an adult it’s about philosophy and wisdom.

With that being said there is one Calvin & Hobbes strip that has alluded me for years now. The last time I saw it was within the anthology books (which I don’t own but make a tremendous gift) and I’ve regretted letting it slip through my fingers ever since. I’ve searched Google for it, and was only able to find half of it. Half. That’s so weird that someone wouldn’t post the entire thing. It was like coming dangerously close to finding the holy grail only to find out that that the only thing in the room is the coaster the grail would be set on. Yeah.

Any way, this particular Calvin & Hobbes is a Sunday comic (so it’s full of color) and has to deal with Calvin waking up and going to school. I don’t believe there is any dialogue just facial expressions as Calvin wakes up, eats breakfast, waits for the bus in the rain with Hobbes, leaves Hobbes in the rain with an umbrella, Calvin suffers through school, only to finally return home to get a hug from Hobbes. It’s adorable and encompasses everything I love about Calvin & Hobbes, but I can’t find it anywhere Geeklings. It’s killing me.

So I thought I would turn to you today in the hopes that maybe one of you could find it and send it my way. Either in the comments or through the Facebook page or any way you can think of. Please help me find this strip. I want to frame it and hang it up in the Fortress of Nerditude. I thank you in advance for your help and may your search be as fun as a good hour of Pokemon Go… well I just hope it’s not maddening like it’s been for me. I know it’s out there some where…

2 thoughts on “Please Find Me This Calvin & Hobbes Strip

  1. My dad owns like all the C&H but they currently reside in my brother’s room. It’s about time I give them a reread. I’m guessing you wouldn’t know which book the specific comic you’re looking for is from?


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