Rogue One Trailer

Geeklings, I am literally sitting in my chair, having just written a review for this weeks episode of Mr. Robot, dying from the heat. Well not literally dying but I’m sweating pretty good here. I never thought I would break a sweat writing before but here we are. I know that I took the last couple of days off (one scheduled the other due to laziness) but I would be remiss if I didn’t pop in real quick to say hi and share some geek with you.

I’m not sure how many of you know this but the Summer Olympics are in full effect (this is said sarcastically as, unless you live under a rock, you know the Olympics are in full effect #yaysarcasm), and I’ve paid attention but haven’t really sat down to watch a lot of it. Well I have paid attention to some of the swimming, beach volley ball, and gymnastics but not a whole lot else. My nights don’t consists of 24 hour Olympics viewing. Well, unless you discount Thursday.

rogue-one-logoThursday was a great night to watch the Olympics, and I’m actually saying that because the performances were insane, but to add to all that excitement was the news that a new Rogue One trailer would be dropping at some point during the events. While I hated the lack of time frame I do love the ambiguous nature of it. Disney and Star Wars kind of forced you to watch the Olympics in order to get this trailer, and good for them. You should be watching, in some capacity, and this was the ultimate way to maybe draw some outside geeks in. I applaud you in my disdain Disney. It’s just, well, I just like to know the time of things. This way I can plan accordingly. Duh.

I watched and watched and watched the Olympics that night as Michael Phelps continued to prove that he’s one of the greatest athletes who has ever lived and Simone Biles just melted my face. Yet there was no trailer. Finally, I had to break because I needed to be social and spent the rest of the night playing Cards Against Humanity with some friends (learning it is possible to sweat your ass off while playing a card game that isn’t poker). I kept trying to sneak views on Faceyspace to see if the trailer dropped in between rounds, but I was getting nothing.

I just needed to see this trailer. Not like in the way crackheads need crack, but in the way that a geeky person who loves Star Wars needs new Star Wars material to freak out over. That’s not a lot to ask for, is it? Any way it took a text message from my Mom to let me know the Star Wars trailer was awesome. I believe her exact words were “Star Wars yes”. I actually stopped the game we were playing so I could go on Faceyspace to watch the trailer. This in no way is an exaggeration. I said the words “hold on I have a Star Wars trailer to watch give me a minute” and then did what I promised. Sure, I could have gone to the bathroom and watched it there less rudely (or left the room… why the bathroom?), but that wouldn’t make me who I am. Not a rude person (I’m generally not) but I’m trying to imply a geeky person who has no time to wait for his geeky things. There are worse things to be in life… I think.

The trailer did not disappoint… at all. While I’m not going to break it down today, this is more of the story of how I came to view it, I am going to say that this Star Wars side story looks gritty, dark, filled with impossible odds and impending death, street level action but yet, still happens to feel like a Star Wars film. Which is super contradictory but some how makes sense. Also, I want to take a moment and discuss the use of slowed down pianoed Star Wars themes. Where can I find these so I can listen to them all the time?! Seriously, where?

Below I bestow upon you the trailer and all it’s splendor. View it as many times as you may need. Especially for that last visual. That last visual… gives me the goosebumps. Goosebumps that a truly welcomed as I’m sitting here in a puddle of gross. #sexy


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