Number 200!!!

Geeklings, this is post number 200! That’s right, the little site that could has reached 200 posts. And I believe that’s the cause of celebration, don’t you?

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As I’ve mentioned before, this is not my first attempt at blogging but it has definitely been my most consistent.  Some of my other sites have started off strong and then petered out and then just vanished. I either lost interest or couldn’t find the right avenues back into them. I Am Geek has been different from the start and I’ve loved it for that. Here I’ve been given the opportunity to talk about whatever geeky things cross my mind and you guys have been gracious enough to pop in and check out what it is I have to say. For 200 posts. So for that I say thank you!

We’re going to continue expanding, so fear not. There will plenty of I Am Geek content on your way. For example this Friday I’m hoping to attempt my first Facebook Live post before watching the new Blair Witch movie. If you’re friends with the page on Faceyspace you might want to check that out. If it’s a success it could totally be something that happens more in the future. I would love to do it during NYC Comic Con too.

I know for a 200th post this might seem a bit underwhelming but I just wanted to pop in and say thank you. This hasn’t been the greatest of writing weeks for me (as you can tell by yesterdays super lame video post) but I’ve been kind of in a fog these last couple of days writing wise. I see topics and when I sit down to write them I just feel like closing my eyes instead. I’m hoping to end the week all types of re-energized so expect possible topics like a review of the Blair Witch sequel, the multiverse, and horror movies in general. I’ve got a never ending stream of possible topics I just need to get them from my head to your eyeholes.

In the mean time feel free to go back in time and read some of your favorite columns or send me suggestions for what you would like to see me cover in the future. The future is bright.

Thanks again for making I Am Geek apart of your days! Hearts and kitten whiskers!

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