Number 200!!!

Geeklings, this is post number 200! That’s right, the little site that could has reached 200 posts. And I believe that’s the cause of celebration, don’t you? As I’ve mentioned before, this is not my first attempt at blogging but it has definitely been my most consistent.  Some of my other sites have started off strong and then petered out and then just vanished. I … Continue reading Number 200!!!

Yes, I’m Still Obsessed w/ Stranger Things

Thank the gods it finally happened. The wait was killing me.I know that it was a foregone conclusion but I’ve been a fan of enough cult shows (Fringe, Community, and Hannibal) to not believe renewal rumors until they’re announced because nothing is official until the network says so. How the hell did we not get a fourth season of Hannibal?! NBC is the worst. The. Worst. They … Continue reading Yes, I’m Still Obsessed w/ Stranger Things