Emmy Predictions


Geeklings, welcome back! Hope everyone’s weekend has been enjoyable thus far. The Giants are 2-0 and while I may not have liked the play calling to end the game (felt kind of soft and cheap) I will take the record. The schedule doesn’t get any easier from here that’s for sure so I’m all about stacking up wins whenever you can. Since the game has ended it allows me to focus more on my fantasy teams and get into Emmy mode. That’s right, the Emmy’s are on tonight and I have to be honest, I’m a sucker for an award show.

I’m not entirely sure when it happened but my mentality over the last four years or so has totally shifted from being a movie person to being a die hard television person. I think a lot that has to do with my time living at my sisters during that whole divorce transition. I threw myself into shows like Breaking  Bad and Community and I started to realize that the television medium was where my heart belonged. Don’t get me wrong I love movies but over the last couple of years I’ve only seen a handful of the nominated films but when it comes to television… well I try to consume as many of these shows as I possibly came. A part of this happens to deal with the fact that television is so accessible and binge watching it so fun, but I think a larger part of this is the story structure. Television has such freedom to tell long narratives, and not sure if you know this by now, but I’m a story junkie. The longer I get to spend with characters I love the better. I try to keep track of the numerous shows that I watch but that’s like trying to keep track of all the different comic books I’m reading. The end result is a lot.

Needless to say I feel very prepared for Emmy night. With that being said though there are still tons of shows I have yet to watch, and that’s on me, but there is just so much time in my limited schedule. Working two jobs and trying to maintain a social life only allows me to watch so much TV. Don’t get me wrong I could totally see myself committing to a life where I grow a long ass beard and just binge watch all the shows I want while growing a long ass beard and talking theories with Hudson the Cat. A part of me actually believes that this would be a life well spent, although my friends and family might say otherwise. The fact of that matter is I haven’t reached that level of lonely yet. Praise be to Jebus.

Now let’s get to the show itself. Due to the fact that I haven’t watched all the shows that are in contention tonight I’m not really in a position to break down each award. Instead of giving a fair depiction of who could win I’d be put in a position where I’m just biased and picking the shows I love. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s like rooting for a sports franchise, but I try and stay a little less biased. I like to believe that I can appreciate good acting or good television despite the fact that my heart belongs elsewhere. So what I want to do tonight is give some opinions and maybe list a couple of possibilities for upsets.

Let’s start with the Best Drama race, which let’s be honest, that’s where all the money is. The Best Drama category solidifies a shows position in pop culture. Look at some of the shows that have won in the past; LOST, The Shield, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men (a show that I still haven’t watched. I know, I know). For me, outside of Mad Men, are shows that define what I love most about television, so needless to say the Best Drama category holds a bit of importance. Conventional thinking would say that this year would be a repeat year for Game of Thrones. The win last year was a nice win but I felt it was for a season that was kind of weak. Definitely not the shows best in this humble bloggers opinion. This past season though… man, did the lack of book really free up this show to just exist as a television show. The narrative was tighter, the characters all had fantastic moments to shine, and those last two episodes. God damn. “The Battle of the Bastards” and “Winds of Winter” or some of the best Game of Thrones has ever produced and in themselves are completely Emmy worthy. It’s a hard argument to make against. Yet, here I am.

I’m going upset for Best Drama, and you can roll your eyes all you want, it’s not going to change my stance. I’m thinking that Mr. Robot is walking away with some tin tonight, look for Rami Malek to walk away with Best Actor and I dare you to argue with me otherwise, and none more important than Best Drama. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I’ll be disappointed if Thrones gets the statue, I just think that Mr. Robot last season did something completely different then much of the other shows that have been nominated in this category. USA has provided a show that could easily exist on HBO and is both layered and deep while also feeling culturally important. I’ve been saying it for awhile (you can see this on my Fan Fest weekly reviews) but Mr. Robot is on a whole different level of television. Not only does it ask a great deal from it’s viewers but it also provides a unvierse that is so diverse and interesting that it feels that it’s an arm’s length away. I’m calling it for the upset and just think what it would do for television. Outside of The Shield winning for FX, which was such a huge deal, can anyone else think of a show that was so critically beloved and brilliantly created that wasn’t on HBO or Netflix? I can’t. This would be a huge win that would be 100% justified and deserved.

Let’s get to some of the other categories before I lose you guys. I know I’m talking a lot and some of that has to do with the amount of beer I’ve consumed watching football but the majority of that has to deal with I love talking television especially when it comes to awards #yayawardshows The writing categories have my interest and I like to believe that Master of Nothing could actually pull a writing award home which, for me, is just as good as a Best Comedy award. Everything I’ve been reading seems to point in the direction of Blackish or Transparent pulling home the award, and I have no problem with that as long as Emmy shows Master of None some love. Just don’t let it be Modern Family… again.

My girl Tatiana Maslany sees her second Emmy nomination for her extraordinary work on Orphan Black, and I’m happy to see her recognized (unlike John Noble for all his excellentness on Fringe) I’m just not entirely sure I see her walking out with some gold. It would be great and so very deserved but the Emmy’s tend to shy away from scfy on a whole (this is something that is also true for the Oscars). I just wonder how long a performance such as hers can be ignored. She seems to win every else in the world and a win tonight would really make my night.

Other areas, I think Kit Harrington has a real shot to win Best Supporting Actor (which is so funny to me considering how much people hated him in those first few seasons) but he is going up against Jonathan Banks who is just flawless on Better Call Saul. Banks in this role was amazing in Breaking Bad and has really grown and broken out the character of Mike with this spin off series. I’d love to see him get a win here. As for the women, is there anyone out there who can beat Lena Headey? I think it’s about time for her to be celebrated for how deliciously awful she depicts Cersei on Game of Thrones. I wouldn’t be angry with a Maisie Williams win here either. Just happy to see her invited to the dance.

See what I mean Geeklings? I can talk about this stuff for hours. I’m actually going to cut it at almost 1,500 words because we’re going a bit long and we’re thinking about doing another Faceyspace Live tonight before the show (be sure to turn to the I Am Geek Facebook page to see our Blair Witch reaction). Here’s to an award show that is diverse and awards to the best instead of what is expected to win.

Don’t forget though when Mr. Robot wins tonight that you saw it here first. Happy award show viewing!


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