I Am…Iron Man?

Sorry I took the night off last night Geeklings. I was a bit too tired to geek. I’ve noticed that has kind of become a trend over the last week, and I’m sorry about that. Trying to get back on track with a little something today.

Nothing tremendous to report but I wanted to reach out and say hi before the weekend started. There is a very good chance that I will be returning at some point this weekend with tales of how I was harassed by a clown (true story) but in the mean time I wanted to share the fact that I found a new celebrity doppelganger. Well, I didn’t but a friend of mine did.

Below is a picture of Robert Downey Junior that looks just like me. In fact I even mistook it for me upon first glance. This was a nice boost for the ole ego. I could instantly feel my attraction levels rising. I am Iron Man… or in certain lighting I may look a lot like him… I can work with that I think.



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