Geeky Tibit: New Captain Wonder Woman Trailer


Geeklings, how we be? I don’t know about any of you but I was up to two o’clock in the morning watching Game Seven of the World Series, and I have to say that it’s one of the greatest baseball games I’ve ever seen. I know we live in a world where awesome things aren’t allowed to settle and become even more awesome in age because everything has to be classified immediately, but seriously guys that game had everything. Congrats to Chicago and the death of your curse and thank you to both teams for such a fun evening. My friend Kyle said it best on Faceyspace, I think 2016 needed that. Just one of those feel good moments all around.

So, I took that feeling into my day and I have to say that it’s had lasting power which is always promising. But now it’s 8:30 and the tiredness is starting to settle in. I’m one (maybe two) pumpkin beers and an episode of Arrow away from going to sleep, and it’ll be glorious. I really would like to clean up some of my DVR but I don’t really see that happening. That’s what the weekend is for. That and cleaning the Fortress of Nerditude. It’s waaaaaaay overdue.

Now what does that leave us to talk about? Well, there are plenty of geeky tibits to be discussed, like how the Dark Tower movie is being postponed from it’s February release to the Summer of 2017. Something I really don’t have a problem with. You all know how fragile my heart is when it concerns this film, and as more footage becomes available of course I’ll supply you with my very in depth reactions from my soul. It’s the least I can do and based off the leaked trailer I saw a couple of weeks ago we’re gonna need to talk about this shiz. But that’s not where we’re going to focus our energy tonight. No sir. Tonight we’re going to discuss (briefly) the new Wonder Woman trailer that dropped on the interwebs today.

For those of you who don’t spend all their available time fishing through social media (What? I don’t do that…I read books and comics also) I have put said trailer below. Take three minutes to watch and then read my word thoughts.

Immediate thought, the film looks stunning and no that’s not just me saying Gal Gadot is beautiful (she is but that’s besides the point). I’m actually talking about the way the film is shot. The contrast between the Amazon and World War I are gorgeous and already make Wonder Woman seem like something entirely different than the rest of the DC Cinematic Universe. Bright. I can get on board with that. Every time Wonder Woman is on screen she shines brighter than anything else and, when one considers just how glum the DC Universe can be at times, I felt that was a positive.

Piggybacking that thought though is… this looks a lot like Captain America: The First Avenger doesn’t it?! I mean for real. I get it as the two characters have a similar back story. They both fought Germans with varying degrees of awfulness in World Wars, they both have shields, they both seem displaced in time, they both have love interests that can never carry over to the present time, and they both kick ass. Those comparisons are easy to make because this trailer more or less blaitently waves them in our face.

Now I know not everyone who watches comic book movies knows the full history of comics. That’s something us geeks can use to fight with each other on message boards. The fact of the matter is that both Cap and Wonder Woman were created in 1941 (with Cap actually coming out first… take that DC!) and yes their backstories have some similarities, but when it comes to the casual movie fan I think this could be a problem for DC. I can almost hear the casual fans already saying how Wonder Woman is just a rip off of Captain America and that’s a bummer but also a valid looking point.

Listen, the DC Cinematic Universe needs a huge win with this movie. Man of Steel was meh, BvS was a mess, and Sucide Squad (while earning a shit ton of money) was a bit all over the place. The DCCU really needs a film to knock it out of the park and leave their fan base with a little hope before the release of Justice League. I want to say Wonder Woman will be that film and by the looks of it it certainly can be. I just worry that it’ll be buried under the Marvel has done this story already instead of being embraced as the first female driven super hero movie while also providing an awesome story with a badass character who is extremely overdue for her close up.

I know my thoughts seemed centered in the negative, and it’s really not how I feel. I liked the trailer. I dug it for sure. But I’ve already seen Captain America and it was great. I just want Wonder Woman to be more and less of a carbon copy and something big. I want to trust DC but look at their track record. I don’t know. What did you think Geeklings? What were your immediate thoughts? You can share in the comments below or you can hit me up on Twitter @iamgeek32. We can talk geeky. It’ll be fun. I promise

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