Not One, But Two (!) Spider-Man Trailers

Geeklings, I’ve literally had all day to write a post but I decided to be super lazy and wait to the last possible moments in the day before writing. Why? I can’t really explain. I wanted to write but I was busy getting other stuff done (opposed from yesterday when I couldn’t keep my eyes open or think coherently). With that in mind I’m going to totally go all cheapskate post on you today. Sorry. These things happen. At least I’m here, and hey, I’ve brought something good with me. No, I really did.

As I hyped the other day, Marvel/Sony released the first trailer to Spider-Man: Homecoming last night on Jimmy Kimmel, and it delivered in spades. Well the fun didn’t stop their my Geeklings, oh no. This morning they also dropped the first international trailer and guess what? There was some different footage. Whaaaaat?!?! Two trailers within a couple of hours? Yeah, it seems that Marvel Studios might be a tad bit excited about Spider-Man joining the MCU, and who can blame them?

The trailer(s) are fantastic. If you had your doubts after Captain America: Civil War (first I’d ask why followed up by but why?) Tom Holland seems to be the perfect blend of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Right off the bat that’s a huge win. Other things I noticed. The Vulture actually seems scary and kind of badass opposed to his old, grouchy comic portrayal. Thank you Michael Keaton.  Peter’s friend seems a lot like Ganke (from the Miles Morales Spider-Man universe) down to his love for legos but the studios are doing a pretty big job of shooting down those claims. Thou protest too much? Can the holding together of a cruise ship be a more iconic Spider-Man film moment then stopping the speeding train in Spider-Man 2? It looks epic. Oh, and don’t forget about the team up between Iron Man and Spidey. This has all the making to make both my inner child and adult self super happy. I really want this to be the Spider-Man movie of my dreams. No pressure or anything. Check the trailers out for yourself.

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