Week In Geek- Umm, Rogue One and Some Other Things That Aren’t Rogue One

Through my travels through the interwebs I’ve discovered that most writers have a re-occurring byline for the columns they write on a weekly basis. You know, something that introduces the article for new comers and something for old readers to skip over. As a matter of fact our very own Maggie Carr had a re-occurring byline for her Guilty Pleasures column (hiiiiiiiii Maggie if you’re reading this), but for some reason I’ve never really thought about doing it. Honestly, it would make my life so much easier on Monday’s. Sometimes the toughest part about writing a new Week In Geek column is trying to figure out how to transition from the opening “hi guys” to the list. There have been a number of Monday’s where I can’t think of what to say too which usually coincides with some cheesy writing and a little bit of rambling to bring those word counts up. It’s all about getting words to paper my friends.

One of the reasons I’ve stayed away from doing that though is because it seems to impersonal. It’s Monday and I feel that it’s slightly important to check in with you guys and make sure everyone is “all good in the hood” as they say in the streets. Yet there is a part of me that believes that using a re-occurring opening could be more professional. I’ll turn it to you, Geeklings. Do you want me to keep things the way they are with a new opening every week or would you like something more uniform and generic? You are the ones who have to read this after all. I’m just the fool shelling out words to make himself seem sort of smart/educated/funny. You know, really fluff up that ego.

While you’re chewing that over why don’t we take a minute and break down our Week In Geek (now that was a smooth transition. Totally nailed it!)

Image result for rogue one1. Rogue One– It’s finally here, it’s finally here, it’s finally here!!! *insert girlish squeal of delight* I. Am. Literally (said in the Chris Traeger voice from Parks & Rec). So. Effin’. Excited. Let’s do the damn thing. I think over the weekend it finally hit me that this was actually going to be happening. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been well aware about the approach of Rogue One but now that it’s only four days away I’m starting to lose my shiz. For example, Saturday was the world premier with all the fancy people and writers for websites that I would like to work for, and I stayed up so I could watch their spoiler free reviews run through my feed. I’ve had A New Hope and The Force Awakens on constant rotation at the Fortress of Nerditude. I’ve been watching the trailers over and over again (including the super cut) while reading anything I can that doesn’t really contain spoilers. I just have a feeling about this (not a bad one either… see what I did there?) that this could be something special. I just feel that there’s a grittiness looking to be exposed here not to mention a number of classic Star Wars feels. While the movie is technically a prequel (shhhhhh we shouldn’t use that word) I’m hoping that it will further ground the original films in what made them so awesome in the first place. Plus, Vader is going to show up! And you know how I feel about that.

2. War For the Planet of the Apes– Is it just me or has there been some really, really good trailers as of late? Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Fast and the Furious, new 50 Shades movie (I kid, I kid), and now War for the Planet of the Apes. I for one have absolutely loved this reboot (or origin story?) and has taken a franchise, that while science fiction royalty, was always a bit campy and made it a legit film that has a premise that is less then ridiculous. I’m not saying that the world being taken over by apes because a virus wipes out the human race is plausible (as plausible as zombies?) buuuuuuuut the themes it presents are very relevant to the world’s climate today. On top of all that Andy Serkis does live motion CGI better then anyone. It’s about time that he gets recognized for an Oscar. Get on that comity.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming– Yes, I’m perfectly aware that I posted this over the weekend but this is the Week In Geek and I feel that it bares repeating. So there.

4. Stranger Things kids React to the shows Golden Globe Nomination- Yeah, it’s as adorable as you think it is. If I was 10-12 years old I would totally make it my goal to be friends with these guys. As a 35 year old adult type thing I’d love a bit part on the show or maybe just hang out on set or maybe play Dungeons & Dragons. Or all the above? Just have you’re people call my people.

5. The OA– Today while going through one of my social media feeds, I believe it was Instagram actually, I discovered that this Friday there will be a new Netflix series dropping called the OA. I think that’s what it is. Needless to say I know absolutely nothing about this show but in watching the trailer I’m curious. I have no idea really what to think, I think this is one of those bigger mystery type programs with some science fiction which I can get behind but I also feel that it might not have any of those elements and then I’ll be mad that I got tricked. But I did have some Stranger Things vibes while watching it. Like this could be something that creeps under the radar and next thing you know everyone is talking about it. Does anyone know anything about this show outside of the trailer? Let me know please and thank you.

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