Week In Geek: Unofrotante Events on Netflix, Comic Events For All, and A New Stars Mobile Game

Geeklings, a very happy Monday to you all. I hope you’ve all enjoyed your long three day weekend, and if you didn’t get one then my apologizes for rubbing it in. In that case, I hope that you had a great regular two day weekend. Phew, really dodged a bullet on that one.

It’s Monday and you know what that means here at I Am Geek… a brand new Week In Geek! Time to break down the five best geeky items of the week. You know, I just had a thought. Like right this second. If you guys ever feel that there is something you’d like to see on Week In Geek why not send me a message on Twitter (@iamgeek32) or on  our Faceyspace page and make mention of something. I’ll totally look into it and put it up here if that’s what the public wants. Look at me, opening the forum for you guys. How generous.

Since I just thought of that idea two seconds ago, sadly I can’t open the floor to you guys today. Lucky for you I have five items to highlight. There’s always next week though my Geeklings.

count-olaf1. A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix- I found while I was reading through the Harry Potter series for the first time that there were people who existed outside the Harry Potter bubble who turned to a darker young adult story. I, sadly, was not one of those people but I briefly dated someone who was and she loved those Lemony Snicket books. And while I’ve never read them there has always been a slight interest to look into them. I expect that interest to rise for many others now that Netflix has adapted the show into a show (which is streaming now) starring Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf (the villain) who adopts three orphans but only because he wants their fortune (real brief overview there). What proceeds is Olaf’s many attempts to win that money through crazy schemes and shenanigans. The story lends itself to a Tim Burton style of filming and NPH is a perfect cast to play the dastardly (and super odd) Count Olaf. Once I finish watching Stranger Things (again!) I can see myself giving this a whirl. It could be fun and who knows maybe I’ll start reading the books.Cause that’s what I need, more books to read.

button012. Batman/Flash Crossover The Button– I mentioned here before (both here and here) that because of the events of Rebirth #1, by Geoff Johns, that the DC Universe and Alan Moore’s Watchmen are on a collision course. Well it looks like the first steps towards that event are starting in April when Batman and The Flash start to investigate the appearance of the Comedian’s smiley face button. Up until now this crossover has been slow burning but fully expect things to help pick up some speed with this event as we wait for Geoff Johns to return to comics and write the Watchmen/DC event we didn’t know we wanted. For more on this you can check out my full article on Fan Fest News, here. Look at that plug.

3. The Defenders Return to Comics– The Defenders aren’t just coming to Netflix this year but look out for their return to comics starting in May. Marvel knows a good thing when they see it, and the popularity of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and soon to be Iron Fist meant it was only a matter of time before the powers that be put them back in an on going series together. With Brian Michael Bendis at the helm and David Marquez running the art (did you guys see his work on Civil War II?! My god was it exquisite.) there is a great deal of potential for this to become a great part of the new Marvel Now movement. I love how street level these characters are and I’m a huge Bendis fan, which means, for me, I’m pumped for this. If you want more on this release you can turn to Fan Fest News (I’ve been busy) here and read all about it. Another plug!

4. Star Wars: Force Arena– I’m not big into mobile games. I have my moments. There were times where I would play things like Angry Birds or Temple Runner and briefly a Spider-Man game that was like Temple Runner. I even tried that Star Wars game Galaxy of Heroes but I usually just fizzle out after awhile. There is something about Force Arena that has my interest. Maybe it’s the trailer using Vader like Rogue One did (as a mega badass) or maybe it’s the inclusion of Doctor Aphra (a Marvel created character for the Darth Vader comic… and she’s awesome) but this game has my interest. They are totally capitalizing on my need of everything Star Wars currently. There’s a good chance I’m going to download this on to my ipad tonight and start tinkering around with it. I hope that Rogue One and Rebels characters show up in it.

Image may contain: 1 person, phone5. Fan Fest News App– This one is super fun, as I learned today that Fan Fest News (the website I work for) has just released their very own app. That’s right! This small little website continues to grow and grow and you can now read my articles on the go through the use of their app. Plus for downloading (off of any app store) they’re promoting a very cool contest. Be sure to download your copy and support this great site that continues to grow and showcase passionate, talented writers talking about the things they love the most.

There you have it Geeklings. If you have anything you want to add to this list the comments belong to you. In the mean time, I’ll see everyone tomorrow.

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