What the Stranger Things Teasers Are Telling Us About Season 2

Geeklings, do you know what one of my favorite things is? It’s that moment when you turn to social media, whether it be Faceyspace/Twitter/Instagram (when you should be working but shhhhhh) and you discover something awesome that you weren’t expecting. It can come in all forms. It could be a particularly ridiculous meme, a trailer, a video of a cat doing cat like things, or as in the case of today, an image of Stranger Things season two along with the announcement that there will be a teaser trailer during the Super Bowl. I was mentally unprepared for this. I’ve known for awhile that they’ve been filming but I had no idea we were far enough along to put out a teaser trailer. Suddenly I find myself more excited for this teaser then I am for the actual game. Some of that has to do with the Giants not being involved but most of it has to do with my love for Stranger Things.

So, what did this teaser image tell us? Honestly, not a whole lot but I was able to take away a few things of interest. Allow me to produce Exhibit A, the teaser image.


The first thing we can’t ignore is the inclusion of Ghostbusters in season two which makes complete sense considering the movie was released in June of 1984. 1984 isn’t just flying off the shelves of Amazon, do they use shelves (?), but it also happens to be the year that season two takes place. Seeing Lucas, Mike, and Dustin dressed up in full Ghostbuster attire is the most endearingly awesome way to tease this upcoming season. Seriously, it warms my heart. But it does raise a pretty basic question, why are they dressed up in full Ghostbuster attire?

My immediate thought was Halloween which is the perfect Stranger Things holiday if you ask me. We did Christmas last year but there’s something about Halloween that screams the Upside Down and Hawkins. It’s so thematic. We know these boys are passionate about their fandoms and I would fully expect them to go all out for Halloween. The only thing is, why aren’t any of the other kids wearing costumes? Maybe the other students are too “cool” for dressing up? Our merry band of misfits don’t really conform to what’s “cool”, which is what we love about them, but the lack of costumes raise a couple of flags.

Could it be that the boys become enamored with the Ghostbusters movie, who among us haven’t, and think that they can use what they saw in the hopes of destroying a monster? Think about it for a second. We have a science teacher, Mr. Clarke, who doesn’t close curiosity doors and maybe the gang has been asking how to create a proton pack. Proton packs could be pretty handy in taking down creatures from the Upside Down, just don’t cross the streams! Those packs look pretty legit to me and we know that this group is more then capable of making things, just see the deprivation tank from season one. Yes, this is a bit unlikely because of science but I’m willing to bet that Lucas, Mike, and Dustin are wearing these costumes for a reason that might not just be Halloween. Having helped defeat the Demogorgon could give them a big enough ego where they believe that they fit the mantle of Ghostbusters better then the Ghostbusters themselves. After all the movie is fiction these boys have lived it.

The other thing that stands out here is the lack of Will. We spent all of season one looking for him and I find it odd that our first glimpse of season two excludes him. Could it be, like many of us have suspected, that whatever happened to Will in the Upside Down has kind of possessed him? Could Will Byers be the big bad of the second season? Going with the Ghostbusters theme it would make sense. The Duffer Brothers love paying homage to their influences and the original Ghostbusters saw Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) get possessed by a certain demon like creature. There are definitely parallels to be explored here. Could Will be dealing with his own Zuul problem?

One more thing to take away here is the look on Dustin’s face. My man looks a bit concerned, doesn’t he? Could something be approaching Hawkins Middle School? I’m not saying it’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man but could it be the return of the Demogorgon? Could the Upside Down be bleeding into Hawkins? Could Dustin have just spied Eleven for the first time? For such a small glimpse this picture raises a number of questions and theories.

Suddenly Sunday can’t come soon enough. I’m sure I’m hyping it up too much but any new Stranger Things footage is a good thing in my book. And if the game ends up being a blow out at least we’ll have this to fall back on. What do you guys think? How excited are you for this teaser trailer? What could be happening here? Could it be Halloween or could the gang actually believe they’re Ghostbusters? Where’s Will Byers, trying to take over Hawkins or maybe just running late? And what is Dustin looking at?! Sound off in the comments below or you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32.

If you needed further hype for this teaser the Stranger Things Faceyspace page released this cryptic weather report for Houston, Texas. Houston just so happens to be where the Super Bowl is being held, and those dramatic temperature shifts on Sunday reek of the Upside Down and our favorite character named after a number. Could something more be found here? I leave that up to you Geeklings. Let me know what you find.

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