What Does the Super Bowl Have In Store For You If You Don’t Like Football (*gasp*)

There are all types of different geekdoms. There’s your garden variety comic geeks. Then you have your movie/television geeks. It’s possible for you to be a music geek. And there’s even a bunch of us who happen to be sports geeks. You know, there’s this unfortunate preconceived notion that says that geeks don’t like sports. I think once you’re associated as a “geek” people just naturally assume that you stay in poorly lit rooms playing video games or D&D or reading comic books, which in my opinion is pretty unfair. Yes, some of us do that but it’s not all we do. The simplistic definition of being a geek is being passionate about things. All types of things. Sports happen to fall into the category of all types of things.

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Just because you’re a geek in one area doesn’t mean you can’t be a geek in others. Hell, I say be geeky in as many different categories as possible. Take it all in and get excited about stuff. Be passionate. Talk until your friends tell you to shut up, and then maybe talk a little more because you just can’t help yourself because that scene in Game of Thrones was way to difficult to process by yourself.

Now with that being said there are some geeks that happen to not like sports, and that’s okay. Not everything is for everyone but what do you do when a sporting event is the biggest thing in pop culture like the Super Bowl? How do you just ignore something as momentous as the Super Bowl? I think the fact that the Super Bowl is associated with football scares away some non sport loving geeks. Even if you don’t give a crap about football (*gasp*) there should still be something you can take away from Super Sunday. Like what you ask? Well for those of you who don’t care for the game but don’t want to be left out of the loop here are some things you can look for when the game kicks off tonight.

1. Trailers– The Super Bowl has become a hotbed over the last couple of years to premiere new teaser trailers for upcoming geeky projects. Last year provided us with a new glimpse of Captain America: Civil War and other things. I say other things because I honestly can’t remember any of the other trailers but I’m sure there were plenty. It’s hard keeping track of things Geeklings. Show mercy. Any way, this year promises to be a bit of the same. Teaser trailers for Stranger Things (insert giggles of delight) and Spider-Man: Homecoming have already been announced, and I’m sure something like Transformers or Justice League might slip in there too. I said it in my column Friday, I think I might be more excited about the Stranger Things teaser then the game.

2. Commercials- I’ve heard rumors this year that there wont’ be as many commercials because the cost is ridiculous. From what I understand a number of big companies have dropped out, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any commercials. The NFL thrives on commercial money, you can tell with all the freakin’ game stoppages, and the Super Bowl is like an orgy of dollar signs for them. Every year there’s at least one really good ad, and sometimes the really bad ones are even better. Do you guys remember that one with that kid who was talking about all the kid things he could be doing but ended with him saying, “but not me cause I’m dead”. Ugh, that was the worst but really gave us some terrific memes.

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3. Half Time Show– It’s such a spectacle. Remember Katy Perry’s Left Shark, that thing was glorious. Or how about when Madonna fell or all those Beyonce memes? Don’t forget Nipple Gate. With Lady Gaga performing there’s sure to be something outlandish. I’m hoping for some kind of Left Shark meat dress mash up.

4. Stupid Bets– If you’re bored by the game, and here’s hoping it doesn’t suck because these playoffs have been less then stellar, then entertain yourself by making stupid bets with your friends. Bet on how long the National Anthem will be or if the coin toss will be heads or tails. Bet on who will call the first time out or what company will get the first commercial. The Super Bowl gives you plenty of prop bet opportunities. Make a game out of it. A game within the game, smells like Inception to me.

5. Food– So much food. See if you can eat it all.

Super Sunday provides a little bit for everyone whether you’re an actual football fan or a pop culture devotee. Don’t deprive yourself just because you don’t like football (will you stop saying that). Have fun with it. Go to Twitter and make comments with the rest of the world. Be a part of the conversation. And if it’s really problematic bring some comic books or some dice with you so you’re still doing something you love.

Oh, for those who are wondering, I say the Patriots win 34 to 27. Happy watching everyone! Many huzzahs!

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