Week In Geek: New Stranger Things and Guardians Trailers, the Return of John Wick, and Lego Batman

The Super Bowl had a little bit of everything for everyone last night. If you liked exciting fourth quarter action filled with drama well the Super Bowl had you covered. If you were looking for some exclusive trailers to get excited about upcoming release, well the Super Bowl had you covered. If you were looking to see the New England Patriots get slapped around like never before, well the Super Bowl had you covered…until the fourth quarter that is. Man, that Tom Brady is something special. I don’t want to get too into it here but I can honestly say he’s the greatest quarterback I’ve ever seen play the game. Ever. Not much of a debate there, and I’m a die hard Giants fan. That fourth quarter is one of the best in NFL history and made for some really compelling viewing. I didn’t have a dog in that fight and I couldn’t sit down, which is always a strong indication of how good a game is. For those who are wondering when I watch football I pace. I also swear and talk to the television, people, or to myself. Picture Rain Man but with a tad bit more venom and alcohol mixed in. Just want to give you guys the full visual here.

But there was more then just football last night. If you popped into yesterday’s column then I gave you an outline of other reasons to watch the Super Bowl if you’re a non sports loving geek, and man, did those reasons not disappoint. While the commercial product seemed to seriously lack, I was curious about that 84 Lumber commercial but the site crashed, the amount of geeky trailers did not. And what better way than to use that knowledge to segue-way intoooooooooooooo…a brand new Week In Geek! Happy Monday Geeklings!

Image result for stranger things season 21. Stranger Things Trailer– Seriously, this was the best thirty seconds of the night. I think. It was really tough deciding between this and the number two spot. Well, that’s kind of a lie. It’s more of a 1a and 1b type deal, but that’s besides the point. Did you guys see this!!! *insert girlish screams of delight here* I spent the majority of the night waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for this teaser to drop and it almost seemed like the gods were just messing with my patience. I was peeing during the game so I wouldn’t miss the trailer when it dropped. When that old school 80’s Eggo commercial started up everyone was told to shut up, there might have been some gasping, some giggles, and ended with a high five between my sister and I. Ugh, it is so difficult for me to not spend the entire column breaking this thing down, but that might have to wait till later in the week. Can you say possible video post? Maybe.

We didn’t get a whole lot to see but we now know that Stranger Things will be premiering on Halloween which might be the most perfect premier date for any show ever. While the late will be longer then expected I fully expect it to be worth it. The Upside Down seems to bleeding into our world, Ghostbusters is very much a thing, and that monster. I already want to start re-watching season 1 and I literally just finished. Best thirty seconds of the night.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser– This was a bit unexpected for me because everything I had heard had been Marvel would be releasing a new teaser for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Just because it was unexpected didn’t make it any less enjoyable. The only problem was it was so unexpected that I wasn’t able to hear it while it was on the television. I didn’t have that commanding “shhhh” like I did when the Stranger Things teaser dropped. Not to worry as the trailer was on social media almost immediately and I was able to separate myself from the television long enough to watch it two or three times. When I say things like that I start to understand that I might have a problem.

With each trailer that gets released Guardians Vol. 2 looks better and better. I don’t know what it is about this franchise (besides the obvious everything) but it just fills my heart with so much glee. As with the other two previous trailers, Dave Bautista (Drax) continues to steal every scene he’s been show cased in. Which is saying a lot considering this thing has a Baby Groot who apparently swears.

Image result for john wick 23. John Wick Chapter 2- I think after the Matrix movies we kind of wrote off Keanu Reeves, and I don’t think that was particularly fair. It wasn’t his fault that those Matrix sequels were pretty rough. It was a combination of lack of cast chemistry, terrible dialogue/acting (not just Reeves), and a story that kind of got away from it’s creators. When I saw the first John Wick I didn’t have very high expectations and what I saw exceeded anything I could have hoped for. John Wick was a throw back to those awesome action movies of the 90’s while being crisp and well choreographed (you know, where it doesn’t look choreographed). Reeves shined throughout while reminding the world that he could still kick ass. Lucky we live in a world where everything needs a sequel as John Wick Chapter 2 drops this Friday giving us a little more time with this character and the hitman universe he calls home. The film already has a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes leaving me a little giddy. There are worse ways to spend a Saturday, plus good for Reeves.

4. Lego Batman– One of the biggest highlights of the Lego Movie was Will Arnett’s Batman. Arnett, who is no stranger to great voice work (see BoJack Horseman please), gave the world a Batman they were unaccustomed to seeing. A little eccentric, super egotistical, funny, and not all gloom and doom. I think this might be the Batman movie we need right now.

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