Star Wars Makes an Announcement and I Swallow Disappointment

If you recall in yesterdays Week In Geek I mentioned that Star Wars would be making a “big” announcement on Good Morning America today. And I waxed all poetic how that announcement could be a teaser to the teaser trailer or maybe just letting us know that the trailer was coming. There was so much potential and excitement over here in the I Am Geek camp that I tried to keep it contained. I focused on the Thor trailer and tried not to get my hopes up. Key word… tried.

I couldn’t help but get carried away in the hopes of our first glimpse of Episode VIII which means I anxiously stalked social media this morning waiting for Star Wars to melt faces. And then the announcement was made and… well, I swallowed some serious disappointment.

Essentially Star Wars started a charity promotion where fans could get a walk on role in the upcoming Han Solo film, a night at Skywalker Ranch, or attend the premier of The Last Jedi. All of those things are great and super exciting buuuuuuuuut they’re not the trailer to Episode VII. I know, it’s hard to be disappointed at any charity work. As a matter of fact I’m not. I think it’s a great thing that Star Wars is doing. Tremendous. But I kind of felt that they kind of messed with the fans a little bit here. A trailer announcement seemed like the most logical news and this turned out to be a huge misdirect.

There is still hope that we’ll get a trailer by the end of the week, with Star Wars Celebration kicking off this weekend but I’m staying apprehensive. I don’t want to get suckered in again because if there’s no trailer after this weekend I might start pulling my hair out. Well, I won’t be that dramatic but there’s a good chance I’ll swear and possibly stamp my foot.

But for those of you who were also disappointed in today’s news, you can admit it, I have a little something for you. Bad Lip Reading recently released their take on The Force Awakens and it is all types of awesome. Especially when it comes to the guy who voices Han Solo. You might recall awhile back I told you how Mark Hamill does an amazing Harrison Ford impression as I learned on the Nerdist podcast. Well, the people over at Bad Lip Reading must have heard me, or the podcast, because he does the voice work of dear old Han in this video package.

So, sit back and enjoy some chuckles, and try not to get your hopes too high for a possible Last Jedi trailer…easier said than done. As Yoda is known to say, do or do not, there is no try. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just give me a trailer already.

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