Finally: An Apology To Disney

A little earlier this weekmaaaaaay have been a bit hasty with some criticism towards Disney. Maybe. Just a tad. What do you want from me?! I’m a passionate fan and I just wanted a freakin’ trailer. That’s it. I wasn’t asking for a whole lot. I’ve been patient and even more patient and it seemed like the stars had aligned and it was going to happen and then it didn’t and I got upset and it caused me to create this run on sentence with a whole bunch of “ands”. Are you happy now?! Are you?!

Wow… that certainly took a turn there. I think what I’m trying to say here is sorry. I’m sorry Disney that I ever doubted your super power and the fact that you wouldn’t let this week end without a glimpse of The Last Jedi. Please don’t keep me from watching the movie. Please. If I’m being honest, I never really believed that this week would end without a trailer to The Last JediStar Wars Celebration just seemed too opportune of a time to release it and I figure there’s no franchise that could be that cruel. Especially now since George Lucas is no longer involved in the day to day decisions. And for that we say thank you big big. But with the let down of Tuesday’s announcement, again not knocking charity just the non release of trailer news, I had to force myself from not getting overly hyped. It only sort of worked. On an external level only. That’s not bad when you think about it.

Image result for ewok celebration gif

Any way, the trailer’s release had my heart playing the Ewok Celebration on a constant loop and I couldn’t contain my excitement for the rest of the day. In fact I put on my Star Wars hoodie after work because I just wanted all things Star Wars, and Jennifer, gem that she is, called me out on wearing it. “You’re only wearing that because of the trailer, aren’t you?”. Duh. I am that obvious. I have no shame. Although it doesn’t take a trailer for me to suddenly put on Star Wars attire. Just wanted to make that clear.

As for the trailer itself, what can I say? Quite a lot honestly but I’m not going to. At least not yet. I’m thinking on Tuesday I’m going to do an entire column dedicated to Star Wars Celebration and all the awesome that occurred there. There was plenty. In the mean time I’m just going to tag the trailer below and wish you all a very Happy Easter! I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful day together and enjoy all types of geeky activities and food. If you get bored feel free to check out the trailer below or the I Am Geek Podcast which you can find here aaaaaaaand here.  P.S. we recorded episode three last night and it might be the best one we’ve done yet. Yes, I know it’s a small library but it’s all about improving.

I’ll see everyone back here tomorrow for a brand new Week In Geek. But this trailer though, right?! Insert jaw dropping emoji here.

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