Week In Geek: Fargo Returns, Marvel’s Secret Empire, DC’s Button, and More


You know Geeklings, sometimes Monday is just an annoying day. Like super annoying. The type of day where you just want to stay in bed and binge watch season three of Star Wars Rebels until your eyes shrivel up. I’m talking about the type of binge where you blink for the first time in three hours and it feels like a concussion bomb just went off in your apartment. But what does that result in? It makes Tuesday the new Monday and all the crap you put off just waits for you. Plus, you’ve got Tuesdays crap to deal with. Sometimes it’s better to just take Monday head on, tell it to go eff itself, and then reward yourself by watching a little bit of Star Wars Rebels. You know, a healthy amount of watching. The type where nothing happens to your eyes.

That’s kind of where the Week In Geek was born. To ward off the evil Mondays. Not every Monday is evil, most tend to be, and it’s hard to tell just which Monday is gonna suck the big one, but the Week In Geek is here to ward off any possible Monday blues. And if you had a great Monday, well the Week In Geek is here to make it even more awesome.

So here’s to your Monday, whether good or bad.

Image result for fargo season 31. Fargo season 3– I have made no attempt to hide my love for Fargo on this website. If you don’t believe me you can go alllllll the way back to my Best of 2015 list (!!!) where it came in at number three, which is pretty high if you know how top ten lists work. Well after, seemingly forever, Fargo is back for it’s third season and it looks to be crazier than ever and we all say thank you. Previous seasons of Fargo have relished in tight, suspenseful storytelling that are played out through brilliant acting. Look no further than Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thorton, Patrick Wilson, and Kirsten Dunst if you need further proof. This season boasts a cast that has Ewan McGregor playing brothers (if you’re quick at math then you know that means two McGregors) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (only one of her) and outside of that I’m not entirely sure what this season is about. I’ve watched the trailers but I prefer to be surprised by the craziness of the story telling. It has been far too long since Fargo, and all it’s glorious accents, has graced my television screen.

Image result for secret empire #02. Secret Empire #0– This is going to be one of those Week In Geeks where I refer back to a number of things I’ve already written. That’s because I’m big on anticipation and I’ve been talking about some of these things forever. Starting with Marvel’s Secret Empire event, which I alluded to in this Captain America piece, starts this week and we finally get to see Steve Rogers in full on Hydra mode. After almost a year of story telling it’s time for Hydra Cap to make himself known to the rest of the Marvel universe and things are bound to get heavy. There is no way that the Marvel heroes are ready for this twist and the repercussions should be incredible. Captain America has been the pillar of greatness, what other heroes strive to be for so long and having him turn his back on those standards… it’s going to be epic. I may be suffering from event fatigue but I seriously can not wait for this.

Image result for batman/flash the button3. Batman/Flash Crossover “The Button”– It’s been almost a year since DC started it’s Rebirth campaign and the comic line has greatly benefited. The story telling has become more engaging and characters have been restored to their previous greatness. Or at least attempting to clear up why they became so lame during the New 52. For me, one of the best things to come out of Rebirth was the revaluation that Doctor Manhattan was the one responsible for creating the New 52 timeline, and DC has taken it’s time slow burning any of that story line. Until now. This week starts a four issue crossover between the Flash and Batman where they deal with the Comedian’s button left behind in the Rebirth one shot. Ever since The Watchmen were introduced to the DC universe I’ve been not so patiently waiting for some answers. It seems that the first steps towards war with Doctor Manhattan start here, and what better way to kick it off than with Tom King’s Batman.

Image result for grand admiral thrawn rebels pop vinyl4. Star Wars Celebration Grand Admiral Thrawn pop vinyl- I forgot to check online for this over the weekend, I was too busy record episode three of the I Am Geek Podcast (#shamelessplug), and by the time I checked it was gone. If anyone finds it please let me know. I neeeeeeed it. Please and thank you.

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