The Writing Day That Could Have Been

Here we are. It’s time for me to write a post for you guys and I’m feeling a bit brain dead. I don’t have the mental energy to write something of substance today, but you know me, I always like to pop in and say hi to my peeps. Call it padding my stats. “Look, I wrote today. Seeeeeeee?” Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you some of the subjects that could have been covered if today had been a thought filled post. Think of it as a brief look into a future that could have been.

  • The cheese factor of Full House bothers me.
  • I started watching The Good Place and I have such a crush on it.
  • I think I’m going to start watching Atlanta tonight.
  • LOST revival?! Ooooooooh, I’ve got thoughts. Lots of them.
  • What am I going to have for dinner?

That’s right Geeklings, one of these thoughts could have been your post today, but instead, you are left with a column that covers none of those things. In fact, I would argue that the mentioning of some of those subjects makes you just want to hear about them more. But no, not today.

You’re welcome.

Here’s hoping tomorrow I can get my brain to focus. I really want to tackle that LOST thing or the Full House cheese factor. We’ve got plenty of week left which means there is a good chance at least one of these ideas will surface. One could hope.

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