The Woes of Laundry Day

Ugh, I have been doing laundry for what seems like forever. For. Ev. Er. Not really, I only started it like two and a half hours ago but you know the feeling. The feeling that laundry does nothing but eat up your entire day. That’s me. Today. On a Saturday. Doing laundry.

I had no choice really. I have been on bare minimum for a while now. Doing a load here and there to kind of hold off the madness but things could no longer wait. Something had to be done. Which brings me to today and the massive laundry event that is my life. It’s not all bad, I got to read Gandalf the Kindle a little and I’ll have clean clothes, but laundry for me is a bit of a hassle. Some of it is self-inflicted too.

For starters, I don’t have a washer and dryer in my apartment. It’s not one of the things that are offered to me, yet, there are rumors that this could be coming. Yet, the lack of laundry machines in the Fortress means I have to trek all my dirties over to my Mom’s house (occasionally Jen’s) in order to get clean clothes. It’s just a pain in the ass if I’m being honest. I hate having to ask and I hate having to carry my always waaaaaaay to filled hamper to my car, and into my moms, then filling the hamper with folded clean clothes, back in the car, and driving them back to my place. Confession time, I’ve had the same hamper since I was in college (I get the most out of my stuff, okay?!) and this thing is currently beat to crap. There are no more handles just jagged pieces of plastic sticking out making it a pain to carry. It can’t properly fit all my clothes so things are always spilling over. It’s time to move on but I think there’s a certain laziness, or maybe hoarderness (?), that won’t let me give it up. Part one of the self-inflicted pain.

The worst part of laundry day is the drying. Not because it takes so long but because it’s a bit of a process for me. If you’ve been following I Am Geek these last two years (whoa) then you know that I miiiiiiiight have a slight obsession with t-shirts. Mostly novelty t-shirts. I love them. It’s almost as big of an obsession as my pursuit for all things pop vinyl. I love me a good t-shirt and have a number of sites that I follow looking for the next grab. Seriously, how am I able to show the world I love something if I don’t have it on a t-shirt?!

Anywho, I love my t-shirts. I love my t-shirts so much that I refuse to dry them because I live in constant fear that they may shrink and become useless to me. There’s no worse feeling than losing a bitchin’ t-shirt because you dried it and now every time you stretch people can see your belly button. I’ve sadly lost a number of good shirts this way and I refuse to let that happen anymore. Which corresponds with self-inflicted problem number two. Once the washing machine finishes I pull out alllllll of the t-shirts in that load of laundry and set them aside. All the other clothes I put in the dryer to dry normally. I then proceed to hang up the t-shirts and let them air dry… only for a little bit though. For example, this is what my mother’s kitchen currently looks like.


Look at that! T-shirts literally on anything that will hold them. T-shirts for days. So, I let the t-shirts air dry for a bit while I finish drying all the clothes that I know won’t shrink. Once those clothes are finished I collect allllllll the t-shirts and put them in the dryer under the “Perm Press” setting. This way they dry the rest of the way through, don’t have wrinkles, and don’t shrink.

Which leads me back to my original point, doing laundry sucks. I wish they would invent self-cleaning clothes already. Out of all the things, Back II the Future promised us it’s that I want the most… did they promise us that or was it clothes that fit your body? Help me out here Geeklings.

I’m open for laundry suggestions so if you’ve got them throw them my way in the comments or you can find me on the Tweeter @iamgeek32. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll be folding until my eyes bleed.

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