Confessions of a T-Shirt Addict

design_24_272_1_36Allow me to paint you a picture. It’s about 11:48 last night (I know a very specific time, but that’s what makes it factual), and I had just turned the lights and the TV off calling it a night. I got into bed and decided I should probably pee so that’s not a problem later on. I checked on Hudson the Cat’s food status so he wouldn’t wake me up too early, and got back into bed. At this point it was 11:56 or so (it took me awhile to get out of bed, what?!), and I decided I would stay up the extra four minutes so I could see the new shirts on Shirt Punch. This is something that happens just about every night, and if it doesn’t I usually wake up in the middle of the night to check them. Much to my delight there was a bitchin Suicide Squad t-shirt, and I have been re-watching that trailer non stop since it premiered. I’m starting to get really excited about this one folks. Needless to say I bagged that baby up in time to go to bed by 12:10.

What lies ahead of you is the story of a t-shirt addict. This is my story.

tumblr_static_logo_newAlright, I suppose your first question is what is Shirt Punch? Allow me to explain. Shirt Punch is this magical website that sells t-shirts (I use another site called Tee Fury, but Shirt Punch has my heart). But not just any t-shirts. You only have twenty-four hours to by these bad boys and then they’re gone. Yes you can find them on sites like Red Bubble once the time period expires, but the price tag goes up. You see Shirt Punch sells shirts for $10 a shirt. That’s a freakin’ steal! Not to mention the designs are designated towards the geeky, pop culture, loving type. You know, me. There are three designs to choose from a day from different artists on the interwebs and there have been some really awesome shirts. Since a friend told me of it’s existence (hi Kevin!) I have ordered probably close to fifteen shirts. At least.  For real.

Fellow Geeklings (going to try and get this name to stick), my novelty t-shirt collection is on point. I’m a simple man really. A simple man who loves t-shirts. I actually have this belief (hear me out). I can’t properly love something until I have a t-shirt of it. For example, this summer when I binge watched The Flash. As soon as I had finished the series I was at Target the next day buying a Flash logo t-shirt. Needed it. This is a true story, but to clarify this rule does not extend to people. I’m not going to put pictures of loved ones on my shirts. The 90’s were an awesome time, but things got a little weird in spots. That’s a phase better left in the past.

I’m just a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. And flip flops. I love wearing flip flops and try to wear them as long as I can before I start to lose feeling in my toes. Don’t get me wrong, I clean up nicely but I’m most at home in a pair of jeans and my Shirt Punch Groot t-shirt.There was a time where I think I was a little more shy about my novelty t-shirts. I would only wear them around people I was closest with or just to chill around the house. Over the last couple of years, as I’ve become truly comfortable with who I am as a person, I don’t care. This is me. I’m the type of guy who wants to wear a Breaking Bad shirt with a flannel to the food store or the bar or movies or wherever I damn well please. I have long stopped worrying about people judging me cause I’m willing to express my love for something on a t-shirt.

Most nights I do stay up till twelve so I can see the new batch of Shirt Punch shirts. At this point it’s almost become a game. The day before they had this awesome 8 bit Death Star shirt, and I totally forgot to buy it. I only realized this after I bought the Suicide Squad shirt. It was almost like I sacrificed one cool shirt for another.

My family knows I have a problem. New t-shirt purchases are usually met with comments such as “another freakin shirt” and I always answer yes. Cause I’m addicted. Sometimes when I’m at work and wearing a darker dress shirt that isn’t transparent, I’m usually wearing a novelty t-shirt underneath. Like today was a really cool Loki shirt I picked up from Shirt Punch a year or so ago. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s like I’m representing a little bit of my personal self whilst being work me.

Before I leave you with a couple of pictures of some of the shirts I bought last month, I do want to say that this shirt addiction comes with a minor problem. I don’t dry any of my t-shirts because I’m afraid they’re going to shrink. So every time I do laundry I have to put them on a clothes rack, wait till all my other clothes are dry, and then throw them in the dryer under Perm Press so they don’t shrink. There is no feeling worse then folding clothes and realizing your favorite Game of Thrones t-shirt accidentally went through the dryer. It’s like a stab in the heart. The struggle is real.

Two of my previous purchase. Sometimes I get jealous of the shirts and then remember they’re mine. At that point all is right in the world.

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