How To Survive Snowpocalypse


It’s coming. Well at least for those of us that live on the East Coast. Snowpocalypse. Can you feel it. It seems that there is a shit ton of snow (actual weather term, look it up) heading my way, and everyone has lost their mind. For serious. I had the misfortune of going to the food store tonight and shelves were bare. People are on serious freak out mode.  I for one hate snow, mostly because I hate driving in it. With the storm falling on a Saturday at least I don’t have to worry about driving any where.

But this leads into a whole different problem. If I’m not driving that means I’m going to be stuck in the Fortress of Nerditude all day. Not that this is a bad thing, and if things get really boring I can head to my sister or Mom’s place, but one needs to be prepared for being held captive in their own home. Cabin fever is a real thing people, and I don’t want to reach hour thirteen of snowed in and watch as Hudson the Cat begins to recite lines from Aliens (the movie is his namesake). Actually scratch that. There is nothing more in life that I want then to sit in my apartment as my cat starts to quote Aliens. #dreambig

So with Snowpocalypse knocking on the door, I thought I would supply you guys with a checklist of how to survive… the I Am Geek way that is.

1. Snacks and Beverages- If you’re going to be holed up then you’re going to need some munchies. So I hope you went out and stocked up on your favorite munchables, and if not head to 7-11 right now and get some junk food. There’s nothing worse than sitting in your home with no tasty treats and no magical tasty treat unicorn to deliver them. Be proactive. I for one have stocked up on Arizona iced tea and con queso. This is how I live. This is how I’ll survive.

IMG_15002. Reading Material– Chances are you’re going to be stuck in your location for awhile so make sure you have plenty of reading material at the ready. Take tonight to make sure all your devices are fully charged (unless you still read physical copies of things… purist). There is no proper way of measuring the suck of getting caught up in a book or comic and your device dying with no way of recharging it. Gandalf the Kindle and my super expensive comic book reader (aka my ipad) are rearing to go. I should be able to finish Modern Romance tomorrow, and I’ve got a ton of comics to binge read. Looking forward to it.

IMG_15023. Dress Not Only For Comfort But For Warmth– Who do you have to impress? You’re going to be stuck inside all day, so you might as well be comfortable. Grab your sweats, pajama pants, hoodies or whatever you need to supply maximum comfy zone. Could be a long day and you deserve to be comfortable. Wookie onesie I see you.

IMG_14984. Movies– Snowpocalypse is going to bring with it a lot of down time. So when your eyes get heavy from binge reading why not throw on a movie and take a nap. Or actually watch said movie. Find something you haven’t watched yet but have been meaning to or just re-watch favorites. If you’re not into movies…

unnamed5. Netflix and Snow- … then it’s time to get your binge on! Find a show you’ve been meaning to watch or re-watch and put that shit on loop. Who cares if Netflix keeps asking you if you’re still watching. It’s Snowpocalypse you can do what you want. Netflix don’t know you!

IMG_14976. Adult Drinks– If you’re getting a little antsy in the pantsy bust out the adult drinks and have yourself a Snowpocalypse party with a very restricted VIP list. You. It’s not really drinking by yourself if the world is ending in a white powdery plague.

IMG_15047. Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends- Snowpocalypse isn’t just about you. Make sure your furry friends have things to keep them occupied too, and food. If you’re having a fun town snack maybe spread the wealth and make sure your companion has one too. You guys are in this together.

Most importantly be safe, and if you have wifi and still can’t think of what to do why not come to I Am Geek and catch up on some older posts that you may have missed or check in tomorrow as I post a real time update of my adventures in Snowpocalypse. (insert winter is coming joke here)

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