Surviving Snowpocalypse In Real Time


How is everyone doing with all this snow? Has the cabin fever started to settle in yet? Any one getting a bit stir crazy? I might be on the cusp but for the most part I’ve been doing alright. I’ve kept my day pretty full actually. Or sort of full. I’ve been entertained. After writing yesterdays post I wanted to come back today and show you guys the real time break down of how I spent Snowpocalypse. Just so you could get a sense of what it’s been like in the Fortress of Nerditude. So since the moment I woke up I’ve been writing timed updates of my adventures at home. At the very least it’s been interesting. Enjoy, I know I have.

7:30 am Woke up briefly and checked my email. Swallowed disappointment as I literally had nothing new in my inbox. Not like I was expecting anything any way. I made eye contact with Hudson the Cat, who was sleeping on the couch, as the two of us had a Mexican Standoff over who was going to leave their respective location first. I won. Dominance is mine. I finally got up ten minutes later to use the bathroom. Just remembered I didn’t do the windshield wiper thing people do before it snows. Crap.

7:43 am Back in bed, heading towards sleep town.

9:15ish am Woke up and started texting people. Making sure Snowpocalypse wasn’t some rapture like event leaving me all alone. Everyone was there. Phew

9:54 am Actually got out of bed and brushed my teeth (it’s important). Proceed to the kitchen to pour iced tea in my Darth Vader coffee mug like a fancy adult. Was disappointed to see my Troy and Abed In the Morning mug was dirty.

10:34 am Finally put on the wookie onesie and watched the Suicide Squad trailer (again). Once that glorious three minutes was finished I sat down in my chair to read Modern Romance with Queen playing in the background. Really need to clean up my ipod as Spread Your Wings is on there three times. Makes sense though, it’s my favorite Queen song. I’m starting to suspect that Hudson the Cat thinks I’m a giant bear. I also had a brief scare as I couldn’t find the remote control to my TV. Don’t worry it was under my pillow. How it got there though…

11:36 am Stopped reading to dance, also my sister called (Hi Jen!)

12:00 pm Switched my ipod from Queen to my current song rotation playlist. Landing Party from the season 4 LOST soundtrack came on. My eyes got teary. What?! It’s probably the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard. Lost my seat to Hudson the Cat during another sudden outburst of dance. I suspect this balances the scales from the standoff this morning. I should eat.

12:04 pm Dancing again. Under Pressure came on, it’s not my fault. Danced my way to making frozen pizza.

12:39 pm #netflixandsnow

1:04 pm Watched the episode of Archer where the Italian Prime Minister gets killed and the gang has to cover up the murder. Strongly believe that it’s my favorite episode of Archer. After texting with my boss (Hi Ed!), who just started watching the first season of Daredevil, I watched the last ten minutes of Cut Man. You know that huge tracking shot fight that goes on for-ev-er. Yep, still awesome. I think I’m out of my showhole. Need to find something to watch today.

1:27 pm Opened my first beer.

1:48 pm Started reading Batman #48

1:57 pm Ho. Ly. Shit. I mean what just happened here?! Heading toward the interwebs for issue break down and interview with Scott Synder. I’m even more sad about him leaving the book this summer. I’m going to need to write a separate post about this issue.

2:26 pm Beer number two. Also put the first season of Rick and Morty on. I’ve only watched three episodes but I kind of feel like a I need a Dan Harmon fix right now.

2:46 pm My neighbor texted me asking if I had the original Star Wars movies (could you imagine a world where a version of me didn’t have those movies?! What would that be like?!). She gave me pasta and meatballs for the exchange. #snowpocalypse

3:53 pm Started both beer three and Disc 2 of Rick and Morty

5:35 pm Stopped watching Rick and Morty, with only two episodes left mind you, to walk to 7-11 for some fun town snacks. Yes I’ve been watching this whole time. What are you Netflix or something?!

5:53 pm Returned from my journey outside with Swedish fish. Score. Time to finish show.

6:57 pm Finished watching Rick and Morty. I need season 2 like yesterday.

So that’s been my day fellow Geeklings. But the night ain’t over yet. There’s plenty more on the horizon. I believe a trip to Amazon is coming my way where I will order an adult Breaking Bad coloring book, going to try and finish Modern Romance, and most likely find something on Netflix to watch. This Just In: My sister just face timed me and I’m going to play a card game with her and my brother in-law through the power of technology.

Snowpocalypse hasn’t been all that bad. Hope everyone is being safe and enjoying their time forced indoors because of the weather!

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