The Emergence of A Bomb Cyclone

Geeklings, in my lifetime I have experienced a number of snowstorms. I live on Long Island it’s kind of what we have to put up with during the winter. There are at least two to three good ones per year (if we’re lucky), and each time I find myself filled with the hate of thousand burning suns. I hate snow. Hate it. Each time I … Continue reading The Emergence of A Bomb Cyclone

Surviving Snowpocalypse In Real Time

How is everyone doing with all this snow? Has the cabin fever started to settle in yet? Any one getting a bit stir crazy? I might be on the cusp but for the most part I’ve been doing alright. I’ve kept my day pretty full actually. Or sort of full. I’ve been entertained. After writing yesterdays post I wanted to come back today and show … Continue reading Surviving Snowpocalypse In Real Time

How To Survive Snowpocalypse

It’s coming. Well at least for those of us that live on the East Coast. Snowpocalypse. Can you feel it. It seems that there is a shit ton of snow (actual weather term, look it up) heading my way, and everyone has lost their mind. For serious. I had the misfortune of going to the food store tonight and shelves were bare. People are on … Continue reading How To Survive Snowpocalypse