The Emergence of A Bomb Cyclone

Geeklings, in my lifetime I have experienced a number of snowstorms. I live on Long Island it’s kind of what we have to put up with during the winter. There are at least two to three good ones per year (if we’re lucky), and each time I find myself filled with the hate of thousand burning suns. I hate snow. Hate it. Each time I hear about an impending snowstorm I always act the same way. Caught off guard at the nerve the universe is showing with its choice of weather. Never do I account my choice of living environment as the problem. It’s the universe. I’m convinced if I moved closer to the equator that snow would still find a way to reach me. It’s personal Geeklings, it’s very personal.

Yet this storm is a tiny bit different, this isn’t just a blizzard it’s a Bomb Cyclone. I have no freaking idea what that means (I sort of read up on it and it means weird things are happening over the ocean and heading my way) but the name alone is enough to strike fear into the heart of every snow hating human. It also makes for a trendy hashtag. While the name of the storm is a bit different, what happened to blizzard (?), the attitude of the storm has remained the same. Much like every other snowstorm in my entire life history, it’s crept up on me. There was absolutely no warning. I think I only found out about this thing yesterday, happy New Year my ass, and now I’m in a very real situation where I need to stock up on food and snacks for tomorrow in the hopes that I’ll get snowed in. I say hopes because my adult job very rarely closes for snow. Don’t get me started.

In the past, I’ve listed and even given a real-time account of my activities during snowstorms, and I think that will happen again tomorrow, most likely on Twitter (@iamgeek32). Again this all hinges on not working. But the storm isn’t all doom and snow, there are some things to look forward to. For instance, this storm could be the first one in quite some time where I won’t be in the Fortress alone. The Adorable Creature is currently there now as we prep for a possible snow day filled with finishing The Punisher on Netflix, watching The X-Files premier, and other things that don’t consist of going outside like wine and Bailey’s. I’ve never wanted anything more.

Alright Geeklings, if you’re on the east coast and prepping for the Bomb Cyclone make sure all your kindles, ipads/pods are charged, you’ve got snacks and reading materials, a blanket, and a shovel at the ready. It’s looking like it’s going to be nasty out there. Be safe, be geeky, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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