Award Show Goodness

Geeklings, I hope everyone made it through the Bomb Cyclone. I was pretty productive snowed in here at the Fortress. We were able to finish The Punisher (wish I would totally include on my Best of 2017 list had I finished the season in time), watched a bunch of Food Network where apparently it is super difficult to defeat Bobby Flay, played some Injustice 2 which is super heavy on the cutscenes but the story is awesome so it’s okay, watched the premiere of The X-Files  which was… that’s for another day and watched Bright on Netflix which is a very real thing that exists in the world. Like I said, it was a very productive day. I even found time to shovel out two cars and walk to get Chinese food. Not a bad day in the office if you ask me.

Now the weekend is almost over, the temperatures are arctic, and the Golden Globes are on tonight. That’s right Geeklings, it’s time for some more award show goodness! I’m so excited. Like seriously. My love for award shows isn’t really a secret but I especially love the loose/more relaxed nature of the Golden Globes. It incorporates movies and television, it’s literally the best of all the award shows. What more could you ask for?!

I thought I’d stop by today real quick to say hello (“hi”) and give you some things I’d like to see during tonight’s broadcast.

  • A funny yet scathing opening number. I was talking to our friend Eric yesterday about Seth Meyers getting the hosting gig and I think he’s going to do a solid job. He doesn’t really pull punches and I think that is exactly what this year’s Golden Globes needs.
  • A David Harbour win for Supporting Actor with a David Harbour speech included. You remember the last time he gave an acceptance speech, don’t you? I could use more of that in my life.
  • Could we please see some love for Benedict Cumberbatch for his performance in “The Lying Detective”? It was brilliant.
  • Get Out to receive some love as we head into Oscar season. Would hate to see Jordan Peele’s gem be ignored.
  • Christopher Nolan to receive some love for Dunkirk. Seriously, this guy has been one of the most visionary directors of the last decade and always seems to be left out in the cold. It’s time that this changes. Hell, the man has never received an Oscar nomination for directing.
  • One of those genuine/awkward moments that leads to tons of social media chatter. You know the type of moment I’m talking about. The “holy crap” did that just happen moment.
  • Speeches. As an award show junkie, it’s the speeches that really drive the show home for me. I find the whole thing to be so inspirational. It’s one of those moments where I feel like “why can’t this be me one day”. Here’s hoping for some solid, moving speeches tonight. And cheap laughs. Nothing better than a speech with cheap laughs.

There you have it Geeklings, the first big awards show of the year is on tonight and you better believe that I’ll be watching every step of the way. In fact, you can find me on Twitter (@iamgeek32) live Tweeting along as the show progresses. What are you guys hoping to see tonight? Who do you want to win? Sound off in the comments below. Let’s have ourselves an award show viewing party.

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