How Long Should A Binge Hangover Last?

I’m starting to wonder if there’s something wrong with me. I could possibly be broken. At the very least malfunctioning. My lovely wife and I wrapped an intense binge-watching of all things Ozark about two weeks ago, maybe longer I don’t fully understand how time works anymore, and since Run the Jewels started blasting during the season three finale… I haven’t binged watched anything since. Granted, we’ve watched alllll of The Floor … Continue reading How Long Should A Binge Hangover Last?

I Am Geek Current Quarantine Obsessions

With the world more or less on the pause button, I Am Geek has had to shift directions in what we present to you the reader. There hasn’t been a ton of new content to discuss which makes sense considering there’s a virus sweeping the globe preventing us from doing pretty much anything. You know it’s bad when Disney pushes back their film slate completely. … Continue reading I Am Geek Current Quarantine Obsessions

I Am Geek Quarantine- Life Thus Far…

Depending on when you officially started, we’re either on day nine, eleven, or day eight hundred forty-nine of social distancing/quarantine. I know I’m not reinventing the wheel here when I say, it feels a lot longer than all the aforementioned day totals. Which on a mathematical scale doesn’t seem like it should be possible yet here we are living in a world where it feels … Continue reading I Am Geek Quarantine- Life Thus Far…

Week In Geek- …or How I Survived the Flu

Geeklings, I live. What a week it has been for yours truly. It started around Sunday, as most weeks do, where I wasn’t feeling so hot during the Super Bowl. No, it wasn’t just the commercials that had me feeling “meh”, my body was in full “hey, we might be coming down with something” alert. I just figured it would be a cold and was willing … Continue reading Week In Geek- …or How I Survived the Flu

Award Show Goodness

Geeklings, I hope everyone made it through the Bomb Cyclone. I was pretty productive snowed in here at the Fortress. We were able to finish The Punisher (wish I would totally include on my Best of 2017 list had I finished the season in time), watched a bunch of Food Network where apparently it is super difficult to defeat Bobby Flay, played some Injustice 2 which is super heavy on the cutscenes … Continue reading Award Show Goodness