Week In Geek- …or How I Survived the Flu

Geeklings, I live. What a week it has been for yours truly. It started around Sunday, as most weeks do, where I wasn’t feeling so hot during the Super Bowl. No, it wasn’t just the commercials that had me feeling “meh”, my body was in full “hey, we might be coming down with something” alert. I just figured it would be a cold and was willing to power through it. I’m a champion like that. I can handle colds. My wife will be the first person to explain to you how much of a baby I am but that’s the point of a cold. You can be a baby and be pampered back to health. Or at least that’s what I tell her she agreed to when she said: “I do.”

Come Monday, I was feeling even less like myself but powered through enough to attend an Office trivia night, dominate the questions (only one wrong… freakin’ Blind Guy McSqueezy), get a win for our team “The Electric City”, and go home feeling pretty good about ourselves. Mentally, physically I was fading. This was a trend that would continue through Tuesday and Wednesday ending in my giving in to my body’s need for rest and calling out of work Thursday. Sometimes you just have to surrender.

I was sick. Like legit sick. Something that hasn’t happened in quite some time. At least to this capacity. And while I returned to work on Friday, I most certainly should not have, I understood that I needed to spend the weekend in full recovery mode. This is one of those sicknesses where walking from the bedroom to the kitchen left me winded. Like, leaning against the wall for a second while I composed myself for the journey back. Geeklings, it appears I had the flu. Not Captain Trips levels but enough where I was taken out for a week… and maybe more.

As I’m writing this I still don’t feel one hundred percent. At all. But I do feel more human than I have in some time. Human enough to return to I Am Geek and say hello to my friends.  You may have noticed that while I was laid up with the “ick” that the Facebook posts were more inconsistent than usual. We were missing some new content. And I just seemed to kind of fall off the face of the earth. That’s because I was stuck in this all-consuming sick vortex that stole all my energy and motivation.

I have missed you! I’m happy to be back on a Monday with a brand new Week In Geek but the trouble is, there isn’t really anything to be excited about this week besides my recovery. I’m sure my mind is still clouded from sickness but I honestly can’t think of anything. Feel free to add things you’re hyped about in the comments or throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32 if you think of anything. But instead of our usual Week In Geek, I thought I’d tell you the things that kept me alive during my hang out sesh with the flu. Now, I’m sure this will vary from person to person but these were the things that helped me. Refer to it as a user guide in case you get stricken by this gods damned illness. I’m here for you Geeklings.

  • Sleep. I slept a lot. I woke up and discovered that doing that made me tired so I went back to sleep. Sleep is your friend.
  • I read a bunch of comics. If you’ve been reading the Pull List (which you should because it’s awesome) then you’ll know I’ve been massively behind all my comics. At this point, I’m pretty much caught up on everything and feeling rejuvenated going into this week’s books.
  • I finished the final season of BoJack Horseman and it has left me deep in my feels as expected. The ending is just and sadly beautiful. I’ve been thinking about that final season since I finished watching on Saturday… or what I think was Saturday. It all blurs together. That final scene though… beautiful in its vulnerability and brutal in its honesty. I miss this show so much.
  • Gatorade. I more or less bought stock in Gatorade and most likely have the electrolytes of an NBA player coursing through my veins as we speak. Unfortunately, my body is too sluggish and tired to respond to these new powers. But I’m pretty sure this beverage is keeping me alive.
  • Watched Infinity War because I missed Marvel movies and then followed that up with 3/4 of Thor Ragnarok… I fell asleep before it ended. These viewing did have me thinking that it’s time for an I Am Geek MCU Movie Rankings update. Hmmm, perhaps this week?
  • I watched a couple of episodes of Star Wars Rebels. The ones mainly focused on Darth Vader on Ahsoka. Mainly because I was feeling emotional but also because those episodes kick.
  • My slow quest to beat Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order continued as I made some significant progress in the game and feel like the end could be near. I also have a new color for my lightsaber… it’s purple. It’s awesome.
  • My wife and I started and finished all of Locke & Key which I very much enjoyed. It’s different than the comics, in narrative structure mostly, and I would come back for a season two. Happy for Joe Hill on this one.
  • We also started Cheer, and while we haven’t felt compelled to return, just yet, I think I will. Cheer is apparently life.
  • I also wanted to watch the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix but we haven’t gotten there yet. I’m confident that this will happen though.
  • Watched a lot of Food Network and caught up on The Masked Singer. We all agree that the White Tiger is Gronk, right?
  • I did not watch the majority of the Oscars for the first time in a looooong time but was happy to see Taika Waititi win for JoJo Rabbit (a movie I’m head over heels in love with) as well as Parasite taking home all the big trophies. I caught the last hour of the show so the Parasite stuff felt special. I plan on watching it this week even though the trailers give me zero indication of what this film is about. But I kind of dig that… I don’t know.
  • Oh, and rested. Lots and lots of rest. And comfy pants pretty much 24/7

And Geeklings, that’s how I managed to survive the flu. At least thus far. I’m not out of the woods yet but I’m on my way to recovery. Which means brand new content this week so be excited. Lots to discuss!

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