Week In Geek- Black Panther Arrives, Venom Trailer, and Reader Geek Outs

Geeklings, a very happy Monday to you all. If it’s Monday and you find yourself on I Am Geek then you know what that means. It’s all new Week In Geek. So, let’s stop with the pleasantries and jump into this bad boy because we’re looking at one doozy of a week.

Black Panther1. Black Panther– Oooooooh man am I excited for this one. For starters, I’ve been jonesing for a Black Panther movie ever since he appeared in Captain America Civil War. I actually thought that was one of the cruelest features of the movie, making us wait so long for another glimpse of T’Challa. Well, the wait is finally over and it looks like Black Panther is here to surpass our wildest dreams. Seriously, I dare you to find a negative review of this film. Go ahead, search the interwebs. The only thing you’ll find is that one clown that said the movie was okay but the hero didn’t beat up enough bad guys. Yeah, that’s a serious negative review. Other than that everyone seems to agree that Black Panther is something special. Michael B Jordan is being hyped as the best MCU villain since Loki and Chadwick Boseman appears to be the hero we need right now. Panther comes at a time where it’s cultural importance can’t be ignored and looks to flip the script on what we know about comic book movies. Saying that they can be about big fights and action sequences but they can also deliver a message and have heart. This is only Ryan Coogler’s third film and they’re only getting better, I can’t wait for this. Wakanda Forever. And be sure to stick around for the post-credit scenes as I’m sure they will lead right into Infinity War.

2. Venom trailer- Last week I came here and told you that the Venom trailer was coming and it dropped to some very mixed reviews. I have to say, it wasn’t at all what I expected but I say that in kind of a good way. I’ve peeped the trailer more than a couple of times now and each time I view it I like it more and more. For starters, if you’re looking for a shot of the Venom costume you’ve come to the wrong trailer. Our first look of Venom looks to build some intrigue and almost ignore the fact that he’ll be wearing an alien life form as a costume. I don’t hate that though, in fact, it makes me want to see the movie more. Tom Hardy has the look down for Eddie Brock and I had no idea Michelle Williams was in this thing, but color me intrigued. A friend of the site Brendon has some beef with it because without Spider-Man how will Venom “spiderfy” his look, and for that I don’t have a real answer. I think you’ll see Tom Holland’s Spidey in this movie in some capacity, maybe when Brock eventually moves from San Francisco to New York (?), and that’s when the suit will “spiderfy” but until then this could be a story about an alien symbiote and how it consumes a man. As of right now, I’m okay with that. The less we know somehow makes this a stronger film.

3. A Quiet Place trailer- I. Can’t. Wait. For. This. Movie. Outside of the superhero films, I think A Quiet Place is the movie I’m looking forward to the most this year. Seriously. And I just found out that it’s both written and directed by John Krasinski (who hasn’t been contacted about a possible The Office revival but says he’d be down) makes me even more giddy for this thing. It’s so hard to find a solid horror movie and A Quiet Place looks to be something unique. A world where the noises you make seemingly attracts monsters that eat your face because you make them. Yes, please. I’m actually hoping for minimal dialogue in the hopes of maximum tension. Also, I’d really like it if we don’t see the monsters ever. I know that won’t be popular with a lot of people but some how that seems scarier. I can deal with teases and glimpses but let my mind freak me out. That’s the work of a truly great horror movie.

4. Netflix Everything Sucks!- Netflix is really looking to cash in on that 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, and speaking as a child of the 80’s and 90’s, I’m all for it. Everything Sucks! brought back a ton of those nostalgia feels, as it will to anyone who has ever had to use a dial tone to get on the internet, and immediately became a must watch for me. Granted there are no monsters or children named after numbers but Everything Sucks! plays on all those nostalgia chords hard. I’m in. Oh god, think of the soundtrack potential… I’m overcome with excitement now.

Reader Geek Outs-

I thought we could change it up a little bit this week and find out what you guys are geeking out about. I posted on Twitter (@iamgeek32) and on Facebook to find out just that and this is what you guys hit me with. I think we can start making this a weekly occurrence.

Cristian C- All things Netflix. Ready to re-watch Altered Carbon.”

Jessenika C- “The Return of Legends of Tomorrow.”

Kevin P- “Re-read of Ready Player One.”

I love hearing from you guys so let’s keep this going. If you want to chime in with what you’re geeking out you’ve got the comments below, our Facebook page, or you can find me on Twitter. It’s always more fun when you geek out with others.

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