Trailers, Trailers, and the Promise of A Trailer

Geeklings, I don’t feel so hot. I’m actually worried that I might have the flu. My immediate thought of the flu is always Stephen King’s The Stand and Captain Trips. It’s like, “oh cool, this will be how I die… or Randal Flagg which is somehow worse”. I don’t think I have the flu, I’m missing some key symptoms (I think), but I know my workplace has been exposed which means that I’ve naturally contracted it. Yay, paranoia.

Anyway, the whole point of telling you that I don’t feel so hot is so I can give you a short post filled with fun content and you guys are happy. Meanwhile, I’m going to sneak off to read comic books, eat soup, and fall asleep. It’s the best of both worlds.

Today was a busy New Comic Book Day, besides the releasing of a number of awesome books, we got a boatload of trailers for our eyeholes. It all started with Ryan Reynolds posting the new Deadpool 2 trailer on the Twitter the day after we got a brand new poster with Deadpool doing his best Flash Dance. We still don’t have any real clue what this movie is about, but do we need to? It’s a Deadpool movie. Let’s just enjoy the ride and see what happens. Cable looks all types of awesome though, and is the teddy bear a Hope Summers easter egg? Also, I love that Justice League barb, and see if you can catch the Thanos jokes.

Our comic book related trailers weren’t done there. Oh no, they were not. With about a month to go before the release of season two of Jessica Jones we finally got our first real glimpse of what to expect this season. Our teaser trailer mostly had Jessica walking around and occasionally jumping but this trailer gives us a bit more depth as it appears that Jessica is searching for her origins. Jessica Jones was easily one of my favorite aspects of the Defenders series, and I’ve been looking forward to her return for a while now. How about that trailer ending? Is it what we know it is?

“Kevin, is that all the trailer goodness for today?” No Geeklings it is not. Cause to top this all off we got our first Venom poster and the promise of a trailer tomorrow. I don’t know what to expect from this movie. Will it or won’t it relate to the greater MCU? Will Tom Holland’s Spider-Man make an appearance? Will the Venom suit be more comic accurate or are we looking at a Spider-Man 3 type deal? God, that was awful.

Image result for venom movie poster

There you have it Geeklings. I hope this holds you over until I get you some more content tomorrow. Be sure to look for the Venom trailer on our Facebook page tomorrow once it goes live. In the meantime, please keep your fingers that I can go to work tomorrow and that I don’t have the flu. That would both suck and blow.

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