Week In Geek- Solo, Lost In Space, & Monday Night Raw

Geeklings, how you guys doing?! How did you all survive your Wrestlemania viewings? Man, was that a test in endurance. I started late, around 6:30 or so, and watched about five and a half hours of wrestling. I’m going to say that again so it sinks in. Five. And. A. Half. Hours. Of. Wrestling. I’m a wrestling fan and even I thought that was a bit much. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the card was a lot of fun but I think we need to find a way to trim this show down. It was a wee bit bloated. This isn’t really a complaint because I hung out with friends and we had a kick-ass time, but maybe a little less than five hours next year. Maybe?

Other than that, how has everyone’s every Monday gone. Mine started off alright but somewhere during the middle I hit some sort of a wall. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was tired, you know six hours of wrestling, or done with work or something else. Maybe it was all of the above. I’m not a scientist so I guess I’ll never know. I think the true problem was the fact that I wasn’t here with you guys doing that Monday Week In Geek thang.

I think it’s time for us to fix that.

1. Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer- While watching Wrestlemania last night I hopped on Twitter for a moment to see what was going on and I believe Nerdist had mentioned something about a new Solo trailer. I wasn’t sure if it was one of those “man, when are we going to get a new one of those” or a “it’s coming any minute” Tweets so I inquired like the obsessed pop culture geek that I am. Turns out there was a new trailer airing during American Idol and that trailer… was pretty awesome. We’ve talked in the past about some of the doubts I have about the film, mainly with their choice to play Han, but this new trailer was a lot of fun. They let the humor shine (“I’ve got a really good feeling about this”), Lando spoke and everything out of his mouth was smooooth, the film looks gorgeous as it maintains some of that gritty Rogue One visual and shiny bright Star Wars fun with a fun outlaw theme with a Star Wars music weaved into it. Am I hundred percent sold on this kid playing Han? No. Did this last trailer leave me feeling a little more at ease? Yeah. With the massive May releases on the horizon, Avengers and Deadpool 2Solo might just fly under the radar. There’s a lot more promise here now and I’m starting to feel the hype train pulling in for this one.

2. Lost In Space– Speaking of slipping in under the radar I present to you the Lost In Space reboot. When I originally heard about this a month or so ago, maybe longer but who knows with time and pop culture, I kind of just responded with a half-assed watching of a trailer and a “meh”. You see, I loved the original Lost In Space. I used to be addicted to it when I was a kid. I can remember being at my Uncle’s house in Buffalo sitting in his basement watching episode after episode. It was campy, funny, and exciting and maybe my first real piece of science fiction that wasn’t Star Wars. I hold the show pretty dear in my heart and hearing about a reboot didn’t really get the blood pumping. Then, I started hearing about the reviews and they have been pretty glowing. In fact, there have been some LOST comparisons which is enough to get my interest meter through the roof. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I’ve watched the trailer in full and I have to say I really liked what I saw. The show looks gorgeous and exciting but I hope that they keep some of that campiness and cheese in there. It’s part of the charm. Parker Posey as Doctor Smith sounds all types of promising too. I’ll be watching this on Friday and possibly all weekend.

Image result for monday night raw3. Monday Night Raw- If you’re a wrestling fan then you know that the Monday night after Wrestlemania may just be the best night of wrestling of the year. There’s always something special about Raw the night after Mania. The crowd is hyped to ridiculous levels starting all types of chanting trends and shenanigans. The company uses this show as the start of new storylines for the upcoming year. There tend to be a ton of surprises as wrestlers from other companies or NXT make their debuts. Mostly, the show is just fun. Even after almost six hours of wrestling yesterday I can’t wait for tonight’s show, and that’s what I’ll be doing once I wrap this column.

Image result for the flash cw4. The Flash returns- Finally! Seriously, I don’t understand the CW television schedule, especially when it pertains to their superhero shows, but it seems like The Flash has been gone forever. I know I’ve done some complaining about this season, and I stand by it, but Tuesday nights are just better when there’s a new episode of The Flash to watch. Plus, it means viewing parties with my sister and I feel like it’s been even longer since we had one of those. Here’s hoping that the end of this season can pick up some momentum and end on a high note.

There you have it Geeklings, what are you looking forward to the most this week? Sound off in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @iamgeek32.

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