Week In Geek- Bendis’s Superman, The Expanse Lives, & Christopher Robin

Geeklings, a very Happy Memorial Day to you all! I hope this kick start to summer served you all as we take the time to celebrate those who sacrificed their lives for this country.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (I was going to delete this but Hudson the Cat literally just walked across my keyboard and I thought he was trying to convey some sort of message so I’m keeping it here. Translations are welcome.)

I’ve spent a good majority of today catching up on season two of Westworld and some much needed relaxing with the Adorable Creature. She is currently cooking up dinner while I write this post, and there is hopefully more Westworld on the horizon, so don’t mind me if I just jump into this. I know content the last couple of weeks has been a little thin, sorry, but I’m hoping that this week is a better week. There were obstacles out of my control last week that prevented me from writing, but it’s Monday and I’ve already mentally plotted out three other posts (besides the one you’re currently reading) so fear not Geeklings, there will be content!

Now, on to the Week In Geek! 

Image result for brian michael bendis superman1. Brian Michael Bendis SupermanIf you recall last week I spoke about Bendis’s last comic for Marvel, a book that was very good filled with gifts for future writers to play with, which means he’s officially a writer for DC comics now. What better way to get things started than with the first issue of his Superman run. We’ve seen glimpses of Bendis’s Superman story in Action Comics #1000 and DC Nation #0 but this will be a first full-fledged issue and I’m kind of excited. I am not a Superman fan. I’ve been on record, in plenty of columns on this very site, stating that I think Superman works better as a villain and that it’s just way to much power for one hero. On the flip side of that, I love Bendis and the stories that he weaves. That, in turn, might be enough to make me pick up my first Superman comic since he died and returned all the way back in the 90’s. Maybe Bendis could do the impossible and make me a fan of the Man of Steel. Stranger things have happened.

2. Ocean’s 8– I enjoyed all of the Ocean movies. After the first one, it became a bit convoluted but the cast was so awesome together I couldn’t help but be entertained. Even with the plots being a bit wonky there were tons of great moments in each film and some solid laughs. Nothing like a movie you can throw on and just be entertained. Not looking to re-invent the wheel if you know what I mean. I’m taking that same mentality into Ocean’s 8 which looks to be just as enjoyable. This is a stellar all-female cast lead by Sandra Bullock. It’s a who’s who of kick-ass actresses with Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, and Sarah Paulson. On paper this cast is outstanding and I have a feeling that the film will have itself a pretty decent summer. Plus, it’s a comedy heist movie. What more could you want?

Image result for the expanse syfy3. The Expanse- As I mentioned last week, I started reading The Expanse series just in time for it to get canceled by SyFy. I was a bit bummed out by that news because I started the series in the hopes of being able to watch the show afterward. I have this thing where if it’s a book I need to read the story first before anything else happens. Well, good news everyone. Amazon has stepped in to save the series and has ordered it for season four. While I have yet to start watching, maybe by the end of the summer (?), it’s comforting to know that the show still has a life to live. I’ll probably start around the time I finish book three… I think. This also goes to show that if you fly a plane with a banner over Amazon headquarters there’s a good chance that they’re going to do what you want. Things to think about for the future.

4. Christopher Robin- You know what, I’m just going to put this here and allow it to hit you directly in the childhood feels. This trailer is so effin adorable that it makes me both happy and sad with nostalgia. I just want to hug it.

There you have it Geeklings, all the best stuff of the week. In my opinion anyway. What are you looking the most forward to? Sound off in the comments or give me a shout on Twitter @iamgeek32. I promise to work harder at bringing you guys more content and that’s going to start tomorrow with a discussion about Solo. Just wait in see! Now go and enjoy the rest of your holiday! See you all back here tomorrow!

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