Geeking Out- Things I Currently Love

Geeklings, I had one of those rare days where no matter how hard I tried I could not come up with a topic for a column allllll day. Usually, I do my best thinking in the shower but, nothing. At the gym this morning, nothing. During slow periods of work, nothing. Just a big ole heap of nothing running through my head. I would occasionally check in with myself too (#unintentionallydirty) and ask myself, “what you going to write about today” and it was met with just empty space. No music or a hamster sleeping on a wheel. Just empty space.

I tried not to stress about it cause I figured I would sit in front of my laptop and bang something out no problem. It’s Tuesday at I Am Geek surely I would be able to supply the Geeklings with some content…right? So, I wrote my Legion preview for Fan Fest and that went swimmingly. The thoughts seemed to flow from my brain, through my fingers, on to my screen which had me feeling optimistic. No topic? No problem, look at me go with this Legion preview. Then I hit publish and I was faced with the very real problem that I had no topic for I Am Geek.

My post Infinity War power rankings is ready to be typed up but I currently don’t have the energy for that tonight meaning you guys are still going to have to wait a little longer for that. Once I decided that that wasn’t going to be the column I just started typing which has brought us here to this random rambling column that has been currently dancing across your eyeholes. Fear not though, as I was rambling I figured out what I was going to talk about so there is a purpose to all of these words.

Since I don’t have a specific topic I thought I would just share a bunch of things I’m geeking out about lately. A list of things I currently love if you will (hence the catchy column title). Let’s face it, lists are fun, and for me, kind of easy to write. It’s a win-win. Anywho, here are some things I’m geeking out about and think you should be too.

might thor1. The Mighty Thor- I am seriously in love with this series. Like, for reals. It’s incredible. This Jane Foster run by Jason Aaron has been everything I love about comics. The character development is rich and constantly evolving the more Jane acts as Thor. The art is gorgeous and vivid. The color schemes just splash across the pages. The scope is insanely cinematic to the point where Marvel Studios needs to make this series the next Thor trilogy. I’m starting Vol. 4 tonightish and then after that, it’s only one book left. I’m not ready for this thing to end. This is hands down my favorite thing currently.

Image result for the expanse book series2. The Expanse book series- Sticking with reading, because reading is fun, I’ve been really digging The Expanse series. I’m only on book two but I rather enjoy the POV chapters, similar to Game of Thrones, as the characters being spread out across the galaxy gives a larger world perspective. The biggest drawing point though is this is just some kick-ass science fiction. The scale is pretty epic, you know there is something large on the horizon but it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the story at the forefront as it plays out before you. I suspect this series will take me through most of the summer.

Image result for god of war cover3. God of War– I wish I had more time to play video games, but I’ve made it a point to make sure I play God of War whenever I can. Sweet Jesus this game. It actually has been a perfect companion piece to reading The Mighty Thor as both are rich in that Norse mythology. The game is breathtaking. I’m not sure if I’ve really made a dent in the story yet but what I have played has been incredible. In some ways, it reminds me of The Last of Us in that rich story with characters that have that emotional depth that makes playing their story so engaging. I have a feeling there’s a “sick day” in my future where I do nothing but play. Hmmm, I should make that happen sooner rather than later. Shhhh, keep that between us.

Image result for jane foster thor4. The Mighty Thor– … seriously guys. Loooooooooooove it.

Image result for the food network5. The Food Network- I said this the other day, but if you don’t stop me I will watch cooking shows all day long. For example, Sunday. Mostly I watch Chopped, Triple G, or Iron Chef-like programs but at this point, if there’s a cooking competition on television there’s a good chance that the Adorable Creature and I are going to watch it.

Image result for the savage land podcast6. The Savage Land podcast- It took me longer than you would think to find a solid comic book podcast but through that search, I discovered The Savage Land and haven’t looked back since. Just three people sitting around talking about pop culture with a heavy focus on comics. There’s good banter and tons of awesome book suggestions that have seen my pull list grow immensely. These guys know their stuff and are good for a bunch of cheap laughs. I look forward to the show every week. You get a little bit of everything with The Savage Land.

Image result for tacos7. Tacos- it is Tuesday after all. Probably the only explanation needed here.

There you have it Geeklings, here be the things that I’m currently geeking out about. Geeking out about? That word combo doesn’t sit right with me. Screw it, I’m going to stick with it and turn the floor over to you guys. What are you guys currently loving? Sound off in the comments or you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. What’s got your geek up?


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