Geeklings Corner

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope this weekend allowed you all to get a bit of relaxation in, I for one certainly needed it. This last week of work kicked. My. Ass. It was nice to take the weekend and kind of shut everything down for a bit and get ready for what I’m sure is going to be another “classic” week of work.

Because of the hecticness of work over the last couple of days, I haven’t had a chance to stop on by and do some writing. Which leads me to today’s brief posting. I’m still in that mode where I don’t want to use a whole lot of brain power so today’s post is going to be kind of short, buuuuut it’s a post where you guys are the center of attention.


That’s right, I’m turning to you guys to tell me what you’re geeking out about right now. Like, right this very second. What’s on your radar. What are you excited about. What can’t you currently live without? Share your geeky love and know that there is no wrong answer. At all. If you’re feeling passionate about it then I want to know. Who knows, maybe it’ll be something I’ve never heard of and you can introduce me to it. I mean, you don’t want to keep all the awesome things to yourself, do you?

Since I’m asking you guys to share your current favorite things, I suppose it’s only fair that I share mine, and I will in a minute. Just be sure to leave yours in the comments either below or on the Facebook page. Or you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32 Either or is fine. I’ll be back here tomorrow with a brand new Week In Geek as we look to kick another I Am Geek week into gear.

Also, if you could keep your fingers crossed that work sucks a bit less this week then I’d be greatly appreciative. Now, here’s what’s got me geeking out right this very second-

1. Westworld season 2 (new episode tonight!!!)

2. Solo: A Star Wars Story (saw it again today, and I still love it)

3. NBA Finals

4. God Of War (finally got a good amount of playing time in today)

5. Caliban’s War- Expanse book 2 (I should hopefully finish this in the next day or two)


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