Time To Summer Binge

Summer is officially here Geeklings, and while the weather might not know it yet the calendar sure does. I’m still waiting for that awesome summer weather to kick in on the regular but I am able to wear shorts and flip-flops which means I probably shouldn’t complain too much. Yet, here I am. I digress.

Summer is great for a lot of things. Working on our tans. Longer days. BBQs. Vacations. Swimming. Think about it, summer is the season that gives you the most outdoor freedom, and what’s better than being outside with a book by the water and reading till your eyes bleed? I have a tough time of thinking of something that even remotely matches the awesomeness of that feeling. Granted, I don’t actually read till my eyes bleed that would be problematic, not to mention alarming, but I feel like the summer is the time of year where I get the most reading done.

Even though summer is the perfect season to get outside and enjoy the weather, there’s something else it’s good for. Like, binge-watching! That’s right Geeklings, who among us doesn’t love our summer binge-watching. Think about it, all our regular shows are on break until September which leaves a massive gap in your viewing schedule. And this summer there’s no Game of Thrones or Rick and Morty to fill those voids. Which means it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

I don’t know about you guys but I try to plan at least two to three series to binge before the summer ends and I’m currently working on my list. I know, I probably should have had it set by now but there is a massive amount of things I want to watch and it’s almost overwhelming trying to choose. Plus, I kind of did a thing where I randomly started a re-watch of Community, not planned but I’m soooooooo glad it happened. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed my Greendale friends. I’m currently half way through season one but the good thing about watching sitcoms is they’re twenty-two-minute episodes which allows me to also binge watch a drama. It’s all about math Geeklings.

Which brings us to the bigger question, what exactly am I going to watch this summer. I’m leaning towards staring with Glow as I’ve heard such great things and season two drops this Friday but not sure if I’m ready to jump into it just yet. Luke Cage season two for sure but I’m thinking something that has a few seasons under its belt. It might be time for me to finally watch The Wire. The fact that I’ve only watched the pilot haunts me. The Americans and Fargo season three are other shows I’m considering and throw in The Handmaid’s Tale too for good measure (but that one requires a book reading first). See what I mean? Overwhelming.

How about you guys, what are you planning on binge-watching this summer? List your upcoming binges in the comments or throw them at me over at Twitter @iamgeek32. Who knows, maybe I’ll steal some of your suggestions. Or better yet, maybe we can all agree to binge something together and start like a binge-watching club. How fun would that be?! First let’s figure out what we’re watching.

With that being said I think it’s time for some Community with a dash of Luke Cage. See you all tomorrow!

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