Week In Geek- Iron Fist Trailer, the Outlaw King, & the VMAs Are Still A Thing

Geeklings, a happy Monday to you all! Now I know what some of you are thinking, “wasn’t he supposed to be flying home from Chicago today leaving us without a new Week In Geek“, and yes, I was supposed to be in Chicago today. Keyword, supposed to. My friends, my trip did not go as planned and because of a really crappy airline (*cough* Spirit *cough*), some bad weather we never made it out to Chicago and didn’t get to see Pearl Jam. Yeah, not cool at all. I have to admit the events of Friday night were pretty staggering and I honestly can’t remember a time where I was that angry (side note- we also had a trip to DC planned for Labor Day Weekend to go to the Rick and Morty pop up bar but that got cancelled too because of lawsuits against the bar. It was a really great day Friday), but we made the best of it. We stayed in the city Friday night and tried to drink our sorrows away and then had a bunch of city adventures Saturday that involved reading bikes on city streets and NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4. We tried to make the best of our situation and it ended up still being a fun weekend. Just not the one we planned on. Oh well, I suppose.

Our lack of travel means I can pop in here today and give a brand new Week In Geek which is always a good thing if you ask me. So without further delay let’s break down this week.

1. Iron Fist season 2 trailer- There’s no denying that Iron Fist is the black sheep of the Marvel Netflix shows. That first season… is a very real thing that exists in the world. I’ve tried but I still haven’t been able to fully make my way through it. It’s a tough watch. Which makes what I’m about to say a little strange possibly, season two of Iron Fist has a lot of promise. Don’t’ get me wrong, I still think the show has its work cut out but we now have a new showrunner (Raven Metzner), a shorter season (ten episodes), and the budding friendship with Luke Cage. All that leads to a more promising season two or at least one can hope. Who knows, with all the teases of the iconic mask maybe Danny will rock the classic comic costume.

Image result for daredevil season 32. Daredevil season 3- Sticking with that Marvel Netflix series news, it was announced last week (I think) that we would be getting even more Marvel Netflix goodies this year as season three of Daredevil will drop before the year ends. With Iron Fist coming in September I’m willing to bet that the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen shows up just in time for Christmas. Or maybe Thanksgiving. A trailer would be nice though.

3. Outlaw King– For those of us Braveheart fans we know exactly who Robert the Bruce is, and while Braveheart may not be historically accurate (whaaaaaat?!) Outlaw King looks to kind of change that perspective. Chris Pine will play Robert the Bruce in his crusade to unite Scotland while on the run (hence outlaw in the title). The movie has those Braveheart feels to it and looks like it could be a pretty big epic for Netflix. Count me in for this.

Image result for vmas4. MTV VMAs– I guess this is still a thing? The show doesn’t even have a host but the nostalgic teenager in me remembers a time when the VMAs were the biggest deal. I don’t really expect this show to be memorable, other than a couple of publicity stunts to steal headlines, but who knows. I hear Aerosmith is closing the show with whatever a Post Malone is. No, I’m not lying.

There you have it Geeklings. Everything you need to get hyped for the week ahead. What are you Geeking out about the most? Sound off in the comments or you can find me on the Twitter @iamgeek32.

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