Week In Geek- Good Place Returns, DC Comic Event, & 600th Post

Geeklings, a very happy Monday to you all. I’m running a bit behind on my writing schedule today as I had to do a small food shopping after writing my Better Call Saul preview column over at Fan Fest News. Not that you asked for this information but I figure if you come here then you maybe, kinda, sort of care a little. Or at least are here for the fun pop culture news or points of view and could really care less about the personal stuff. Outside of the Adorable Creature Visits Scranton series because you guys have been reading the hell out of that!  I’m babbling and I already told you guys that I’m behind in my writing schedule. I really need one of you here to cut me off before I start rolling. Anyone looking for a job? It doesn’t pay money but we can binge watch stuff together. Send interests to my Twitter handle, @iamgeek32. Serious inquiries only…

Sorry, as I was saying, I fell a bit behind today in my writing schedule which means that we should probably jump right into this week’s Week In Geek so I can watch the first hour of Raw, switch to Saul,  hope for Ryan Fitzpatrick to have a “meh” game so I can win in fantasy, and eventually fall asleep while flipping back and forth between wrestling and football. I call that living the dream.

good place1. The Good Place season 3- I wish there were more shows on tv like The Good Place. I mean, I guess I don’t because if all shows were like The Good Place then I suppose that it would lose some of that luster. The point I’m trying to make here is that The Good Place, on NBC of all places, is an absolute delight with humor that is insightful, slapsticky, heartwarming, and a change of pace from anything else you’re watching. I also love how this show is constantly looking to re-invent itself, and season two ended on quite the game changer. Where do we go from here? Well, if you haven’t been watching at all, shame on you, head to Netflix right now where you can find the first two seasons. The rest of us will be tuning in Thursday for the one hour premiere. Bortles!

Image result for heroes in crisis2. Heroes in Crisis #1– What’s better than having a birthday that falls on New Comic Book Day? Getting a new DC comic event written by Tom King and illustrated by Clay Mann and Mitch Gerdas is what! Tom King is writing all my favorite comics right now (Batman and Mister Miracle) and seems to be the future of DC in a big way. I really like the idea of Heroes In Crisis as it takes a very interesting concept, a place where heroes and villains can go for treatment after dealing with the consequences of their world-saving exploits. Then introduce a murder to this supposed sanctuary and the skills of King, Mann, and Gerads and you’re sure to have a massive hit on your hands. Very much looking forward to this.

3. Bumblebee trailer- I have no shame in admitting that I am not a fan of the Transformer movie franchise. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say I think it’s terrible. It may not be a popular opinion but I’m standing by it. Michael Bay is the worst, kids. He just is. And while that discussion is for another day, I will gladly admit that the new trailer for the upcoming Bumblebee prequel looks… kinda goodish. It totally tickled all the nostalgia buttons with the use of original designs for Soundwave and Optimus Prime, leading me to wonder why this wasn’t done when the franchise was started. I also like that we get a look at Cybertron. Maybe the best thing to happen to this franchise is going backward and focusing on giving us the Transformers from our childhood. Call me a bit optimistic about this one. But that also feels like a trap.

Image result for 6004. I Am Geek Hits 600- You read that right, I Am Geek is three posts away from hitting the 600 posts milestone which is allllllll types of exciting. In fact, that 600th post, if things go accordingly, should fall on Wednesday which just so happens to be my birthday and what a way to celebrate. I can’t believe we’re at 600 in a little less than three years of existence. It’s a pretty cool feeling and a milestone I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys.

There you have it Geeklings, all the best of the week ahead. If you feel like I left anything off then, by all means, sound off in the comments. Let’s turn this week into an I Am Geek celebration, shall we? Be sure to hit me up on Twitter (@iamgeek32) or the Facebook page and share some of your favorite I Am Geek columns or moments. I’ll use them in an upcoming column if there’s enough of them. See you all tomorrow!

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