The Adorable Creature Goes To Scranton Part 4

It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve been back to this section of the I Am Geek universe, doesn’t it? I’m not entirely sure why either. The Adorable Creature and I wrapped season four of The Office right around the same time The Adorable Creature Visits Scranton Part 3 was published, and while I had to wait a short time for Alyson to answer the season four questions, this still feels like a column that should have been up a little sooner.

That kind of explains where we’re at with The Office currently. Our viewing has hit a little snag over the last week or so and hopefully we can get things back on track tonight. Seriously, I think we only have six to seven episodes of season five left… I think. I can already see the “I’m just going to stop watching” pull weighing on Alyson and don’t you worry Geeklings, I won’t let it happen. Once we start to get into the rhythm of it all again I’m confident in saying that we’ll be moving right along in no time.

I also suspect that Alyson doesn’t want to give up on watching the show. She’s in love with it. It’s so obvious and adorable. She refers to the characters as her friends. She’s sending me Office memes now. She recently discovered The Office gifs. Alyson is all in when it comes to The Office but sometimes needs to be nudged in the viewing direction. Granted, last week she had to finish a book for her monthly book club, which allowed me to play a healthy amount of Spider-Man on my PS4, but didn’t allow for a lot of Office viewing. These things happen.

Over the course of our relationship, we’ve binged a number of different shows but I can honestly say that watching The Office with her has been the most rewarding. Maybe it’s because I know what’s going to happen and I’m anxious for her reactions. Maybe it’s because she’s so invested in the show. Maybe because it warms my heart when the show gives her the feels. Maybe because I just like sharing things with her and seeing her enjoying them. I don’t know. It just feels special. You know what I mean like fills your heart with glee type of special. What can I say, I like her and she makes things better.

With all that being said and the continued viewing of season five on the horizon, I think it’s time we turn things over to Alyson so we can get her point of view on season four. She’s got some thoughts and I’m ready to share them with you.

Let’s flip it for season 4, what’s your favorite Michael moment?

When he is deposed during Jan’s lawsuit and he stands up for himself in front of Jan.

 Do you think Michael is a bad boss?

No, I think that he’s not a good people person. He has good intentions ( I think) but can’t get them across in a way that doesn’t offend at least one person.

 How did Jim do with his first chance to be boss?

He acts just like Michael! He notices when Phyllis accidentally called him “Michael” and I think he saw the error of his ways.

 Favorite Jim prank?

When he made it seem like the new Dunder Mifflin website was self-aware and had Pam send IMs to him.

 The dinner party… is it possible that it showed evolution for Michael?

I think it did, but I also think if the dinner party didn’t happen he would still be living the exact same way with Jan.

 Would you buy stock in “Serenity By Jan”?

Hell no, she’s a crazy bitch.

 Have you stopped singing Hunter’s song yet? Also when do you think Jan took him by the hand?

He was new when Michael came in to ask her for the raise….

 With Dwight and Angela your favorite Office romance, how did you feel about Andy asking out Angela?

I think he was going around the office trying to get someone to go out with him, and got lucky with Dwight and Angela “breaking up”. I also think he really started liking her after they started dating.

 I can’t help it, what’s the most cringe-worthy Michael moment?

When he and Dwight went to the clients trying to get them back and he drove into the lake, walked back to the customer and took the basket back. THE TURTLES!

 Did you believe that Jim and Pam weren’t dating?

Not at all.

 You got pretty pissed with Andy during the season finale, want to explain?

He stole Jim’s proposal. I was mad. (Author’s Note- you’re cute)

 Is Phyllis better at planning parties than Angela?

Yes, Ferris wheels, fireworks and shoe money.

 Favorite side character?


 First impression of Holly?

She’s adorable.

 Will you miss Toby?

I will, although now I won’t have to feel bad every episode when Michael is mean to him.

 Jan is a horrible person, right?

Yes, she really is the devil.

 Would you have run in Michael’s rabies fun run… for the cure?

Of course, I would, it would be an excuse to get out of work.

 Do you think Stanley and Michael can co-exist in the office after their heart to heart?

I think so, I feel like Stanley just doesn’t care and tries not to engage Michael very often, although I do see him not disrespecting Michael like that again.

 Thoughts of Ryan in charge?

He’s gotten really arrogant and is flaunting his success. He was kinda douchey before, but his douche level has grown exponentially.

 Are you worried about him or did he get what he deserved?

Ryan? He got what he deserved, I feel like he is the epitome of a young guy who suddenly gets money and power. He abused his position and other substances…

 Can you tell me the name of the security guard?

Hank (Author’s Note- I have no way of telling if she looked this up but she claims to have known it off the top of her head)

 Favorite Kelly moment?

When she is trash talking Pam about ping pong and then when they go and play each other, they both suck at ping pong.

 Four seasons in, who is your favorite character?

It’s always going to be Jim.

 I know you don’t like favorites but do you have a favorite episode yet?

Dinner Party – I credit Chrissy Teigen with that one. (Author’s Note- Fun fact here, that episode was spoiled by Chrissy Teigen because it was in her Insta-story. I had to do some work to try and convince Alyson that Jim and Pam were not together just attending Michael’s house. I’m not mad with Chrissy Teigen though… she gave us headband of the day and is a Twitter delight. Hiiiiiii Chrissy!

There you have it Geeklings, season four is in the bag and the Adorable Creature is all in. Here’s hoping that the gap between the season four and five columns isn’t as wide (even though it’s only been a week or so) and we can get this train rolling again.  As always if you have any season five, or any previous seasons for that matter, questions for Alyson send them my way either on our Facebook page or the Twitter (@iamgeek32). Send me direct messages if your questions have spoilers in them. The journey continues!

For those of you looking to catch up on Alyson’s journey through Scranton be sure to read (or re-read) Parts one, two, and three.

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