The Adorable Creature Goes To Scranton Part 3

Well, it’s finally happened. I know in our last installment of The Adorable Creature Goes To Scranton I said I believed Alyson was becoming hooked, and boy did I underestimate that! At this stage of the game, I’m willing to say that she’s borderline obsessed. There were times before we started watching where Alyson stated that “she was waiting for this moment all day”, “can I see my friends now”, and other cute things you say when you’re falling in love with a television show. Falling in love with a show isn’t much different than falling in love with a person I suppose. Although I’m sure that’s a column for another day. One that’s strangely deep, slightly uncomfortable, and more than a little disturbing but ends with everyone nodding their heads in some form of agreement.

Fun fact, we were finished with season three last week while I had the plague and I think Alyson was more than a little bummed that I didn’t have the energy to write the column. I asked her the questions but just couldn’t put everything together. Now I’ve got to make up for lost time as we’ve finished season three and season four! I know, lots to look forward to this week when concerning the Adorable Creature’s journey through Scranton.

Without further ado let’s turn it over to Alyson.

Favorite Jim prank?

His Pavlov experiment with Dwight

 Favorite Jim and Pam moment?

When he came back from his interview and walked in on Pam doing the interview and asked her to dinner, and her reaction.

 Favorite Jim and Dwight moment? 

I loved when they dressed up as each other. They did amazing imitating each other.

 Most cringe-worthy Michael moment? 

There are so many, I think it was Phyllis’ wedding this season. I had to look away a couple of times it was so bad.

 Did you think Jim and Karen would last? 

No, I knew it wasn’t the tension in that office was nuts.

 Did you like Karen? 

I did like Karen before she got all possessive and crazy.

 What did you think when Pam got back together with Roy? 

She was bored, and saw Jim with Karen and didn’t want to be alone. She knew he wasn’t going to change but needed him to fill the void she was feeling.

 Is Dwight a hero?

I think so.

 Who did you think was going to get Jan’s job?

I thought Karen was going to get it, and that would be the reason her and Jim would break up because he wasn’t going to move to NYC to be with her.

 You liked the Jan/Michael romance at first, why?

 I wouldn’t say I liked it, I thought he was funny trying to pursue it and she was shooting him down. It was better that way. Now she’s too needy.

 What made you turn on it? 

Her neediness and how she thought she needed to change herself for him to get back together. (Boobs)

 Is Michael making a mistake getting back together with her? 

YES! Now more than ever after losing her job, I get she’s depressed but get out there and look for something else. Also, the money stuff makes me mad.

Do you feel bad for Jan? 

Nah. She made her bed.

 Andy… thoughts?

He is just as cringy as Michael, but he’s not as endearing and is basically just a douche.

 Who’s your favorite couple in the office? 

Dwight and Angela, I like the secrecy.

 Pam’s art show, was this a good step forward for her or no one showing a step back?

I think it was a step forward, she put herself out there and you can see she is working on more art and she told everyone how disappointed she was.

Question from I Am Geek contributor Eric Landro- “Do you think Pam crossed the line with Jim and Karen ethically?”

No, because Jim and Pam were friends. Karen wasn’t there to see that the first time around. Not to mention she tried to be friends with Karen. 

If the show was based in the real world… Oscar would own Dunder Mifflin, yes?

He is the most real person on the show, everyone else feels like a caricature or stereotype of a different type of person. He’s just a normal guy.

 Favorite secondary character?

 UGH I can’t decide between Kevin and Phyllis.

 Favorite moment of the season? 

When Pam stands up for herself, I think you see her growth as she walks across the coals and tells everyone at the beach how she is really feeling.

 If you could be any character on the show who would it be and why?

Ryan – I mean he has an MBA and actually got a good job out of it. BAM!

There you have it Geeklings, three seasons in with season four already done. Be sure to keep your eyes out for part four of The Adorable Creature Goes To Scranton.  If any of you have any questions about The Office you’d like to direct to Alyson you can send them to me on the Twitter @iamgeek32. I’ll be sure to include them in part three.



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