The Adorable Creature Goes To Scranton Part 2

Geeklings, welcome back to our re-occurring column, The Adorable Creature Goes To Scranton, a series dedicated to my girlfriend Alyson’s first viewing of The Office. An event so momentous that it deserved to be written about. Having a website that covers all things pop culture really gives me the freedom to write whatever I want and I thought it would be a lot of fun to talk about Alyson and The Office. It’s a win-win…win.

As you recall when we last left off the Adorable Creature and I had just started season two having braved through a Michael Scott who had terrible hair, always rolled up his sleeves, and who was racially insensitive at best. I used to be one of those people who constantly rolled up the sleeves of my dress shirts (back in my early twenties that is) and it wasn’t until I saw season one Michael Scott that I realized it’s kind of douchey looking. Real glad I kicked that habit. Well, if I’m being honest, when I worked at a movie theater as a manager I rolled up my sleeves and my boss sent another manager to tell me to roll them down because I looked like a shoe salesman. No lies. True story. That job sucked a year of my life and part of my soul, but on the plus side, I keep my sleeves rolled down.

Anyway, two seasons in and I think Alyson is becoming a fan. She’s definitely hooked at this point. The last two nights, since we have some pretty open viewing schedules right now, she asked to throw The Office on, and last night decided to stay up past her bedtime in order to watch the season finale. Which was fine by me because “Casino Night” might just be my favorite episode of The Office and I really wanted her to get that payoff before going to sleep. It gives you all the warm love butterflies in your bell. That’s a nice feeling before sleep.

As we kind of steamrolled through the second season Alyson’s laughs have been quite genuine, not laughing because the gag says she has to, and I can hear her muttering things like “oh god” as Michael Scott or Dwight do things to make her uncomfortable. I also see her during the Jim and Pam moments and she has this really cute smile and gleam in her eyes that she probably doesn’t think I notice… until she reads this that is. Busted.

To continue our journey together I again asked Alyson a bunch of questions about the show and season two so we can get her thoughts and feelings. Really put us in the mindset of the Adorable Creature as she takes this journey for the first time. So, enough of my blabber. Time to turn it over to Alyson.

[Side Note- we totally didn’t do these questions while at work even though that would capture the spirit of The Office. Nope, we did not]

Favorite Jim Prank?

That we’ve seen or from the box? I liked when he made him get into the box and left him there in the warehouse.

Favorite Jim prank from the HR box?

Definitely the bloody glove and trying to convince him he committed a murder.

Do you think Jim is mean?

I think he can be, like the complaint. He was hurt. And to Amy Adams, he was definitely mean but also because he was hurt. His pranks on Dwight are just fun, you can see he actually cares when he brings him to the ER for the concussion. He just likes messing with him

Most cringe-worthy Michael moment?

There are sooo many. His birthday made me want to cringe almost the entire time.

Taking Michael’s birthday into account and after watching the kids show where he wants a family so he can have friends, do you think he’s being selfish in the birthday episode or is this coming from a lonely place? Is this more of a season one douche Michael or a season two loveable cringy buffoon Michael?

I think its from a good place, he is lonely but I also think there is a selfish part of it. He definitely is not as cringy, but I felt it at a couple of parts, but I don’t think its from a bad place, he just doesn’t know how to interact with people. You can see that when Pam gives him another shot to greet people for his phone calls. He always does better the second time.

Favorite side character?

Hmmmm, I think its Phyllis or Kelly.

Favorite Jim and Pam moment?

 When he couldn’t talk because he owed her a coke and then she came back with one and told him to buy it for her and the way he said “Hi” to her.

Do you think Pam will marry Roy?


What happens to Jim and Pam with Jim going to Stamford?

I think they will both be miserable, and he will come back to Scranton.

Jim says that “there’s nothing for him here” and often complains about working for a paper company. Why do you think he applies to Stamford, besides the obvious reason, if he doesn’t see a career with Dunder Mifflin. What makes him want to stay?

He applies, I think because he needs to be away from Pam but doesn’t want to leave totally, just in case. When he was talking about all the pranks he’s pulled on Dwight, he looks kind of sad because that’s basically what he’s doing all day.

What moment so far is something you could have experienced at work?

I mean, Angela as a persona happens here all the time. The sexual harassment training UGH, us flirting on the phone like Jim and Pam [Side Note- before we started dating I would flirt with Alyson on the phone at work quite often. Must have worked. Zing! Also this answer made me smile.]

Thoughts on Ryan?

He makes me laugh, his whole presence is weird. He’s a temp but they fired someone instead of getting rid of him. Also, I’m kinda confused why everyone thinks he’s so attractive, he reminds me of a bug kinda. I also think he’s a little mean.

Why do you think Michael hates Toby so much?

I think it’s because he is seen as “corporate” because he works in HR like he’s always watching and he stomps on his fun. [Side Note- Alyson called a friend for this answer. Hiiiiii Kristi!]

For the booze cruise where do you think Michael really wanted to take them? Ski mask, toothbrush, bathing suit? Is it possible that he didn’t understand what a booze cruise was?

I don’t think he realized what it was.

What’s your favorite fake lingo Daryl taught Michael?

I liked the handshake and dinkin flicka.

Jan impressions? Why is she drawn to Michael?

I can’t tell if she wants to fix him or she knows that he means well but can’t express it. And his doofiness is endearing

What office Olympic sport do you think you would have won gold in?

The most bipolar award (laughs) [Side Note- this was an alarming answer]

There you have it Geeklings, two seasons in with season three starting in a couple of minutes. Be sure to keep your eyes out for part three of The Adorable Creature Goes To Scranton. Not sure if it’ll be in the middle of season three or once we’ve completed, but rest assure, it’s coming. If any of you have any questions about The Office you’d like to direct to Alyson you can send them to me on the Twitter @iamgeek32. I’ll be sure to include them in part three.

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